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    Northwest/Marshall's Fabrics Might be useful under the fabrics in Canada... It doesn't have the locations that the others do (Only three stores two in Alberta one in Manitoba)... however you can get TOP quality fur there for about half the price of say Fabricland - I found 3 inch white pile with one way stretch there for $16.00 (compared to $25.00 WITH a membership discount at Fabricland on 3" white pile with no stretch)
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    What's wrong with wonderflex exactly? I can understand it not holding up to wear-and-tear, but to nix it entirely seems silly to me, especially if it's just a base. I've used it coated in other things.
  3. Dose any have a pattern to make Cheetah ears. I'm going to learn how to make my own ears. I know how to make cat/fox ears but, I don't know how to make round ears. I have not seen a pattern for the round ears. I will be making ths to clip them in my hair.
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    Wonderflex is an item that is highly heat sensitive and there are easily many situations where heads built with such material can take damage. That said the listing here is meant to be a guide for people to use materials that are generally safe to use and will offer the least issues. Wonderflex is not something everyone can work with and shouldn't be used to build fur suit heads.
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    Disheartening to see the link of what to do/not do calling people on these forums "twats" because they poorly construct suits.... Really disheartening both for a newbie like myself and a poor reflection on the community IMO.
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    Once the resin cures it does not smell, but that can take some time.
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    You are a GOD SEND.
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    Worbla, you could probably get away with since it's a durable material. Wonderflex is a thinner gauge(And slightly more expensive) than worbla and you'd have to layer 2-3 sheets just to make sure it holds up.
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    Thank you for the awesome Random Tut, Making my first furSuit...I'm kinda scared/ Excited about making this. I hope it well turn out pretty darn good
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    Which one sells better fake seal fur? mendels.com or crscraft.com. I can't order samples (shipping costs too high to where I live).
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    Good idea to have collected all topics by categories. It facilitates research especially if we just arrive on the site. So,we can always add list if we find other link or something like that which deals with the fur on all its forms?
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    Thanks so much! Maybe i can Find a Fur the right color Dx Nothing more stressful!
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    I've wanted to make a fursuit ever since I joined the fandom but the materials are pricey
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    I'll be making a French Bulldog fursuit . I chose this as it is simple to do with not much Plastic Canvas ^^ Do you foam on the detail? Like add layers of foam for wrinkles ect
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    I was wondering, where could I find/get head templates?
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    Does anyone have a preferred foam brand?/site to buy it from?
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    First of all, Thanks for this thread. It has helped a lot. My question however is that there doesn't seem to be a lot about actually making the body suits. What do people use for the liner and how do people plan the paterns in the fur itself. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.

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    Thank you so much for making this! It helped so much.
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    you should check out fakefurshop.com , they have amazing furs.
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    I think you need to update some of these links....
    Like the how to make a duct tape dummy. I am having the hardest part on the dummy so it makes me kinda sad the link dose not work
  23. Just joining the chorus and saying thanks for putting this all together!!
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    The head tutorials seem to be about making your own fursuit heads from scratch. Are there any good tutorials that will help me make a fursuit head using the Stuffed Panda Studios resin base?
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    Ok I think this is the right area to ask this.i am new at this well not site nor fur talk n stuff.but making one . I wanted to make everything my self got down to the glueing part of the fur on to the body ..pick out fur which was I'd say about four inches long wolf fur which was white. No problem drew my Peace's on cut out the whole shoobang. Well I was afraid of the hot glue being used on it because it might stick to the fur n I'd have to shave it off or clip some of it out ... Well the ladies at the fabric place told me after explaining it to them what is was doing and they gave me a side option of this silicone base glue you can put a small thin layer down and lay the fur on and still be able to move it for a few minutes before you can't which I was like that's fine will it stick to fur if I had it on my fingers ..no they replied will good deal I thought...so I get some Peace's glued and right where they need to be I walk out of the room for half the day n came back to what I was doing and noticed the damn glue seeped throw the back of the fur and basically clumped up inside of fine fine hair of the fur n harden it in many areas...I was like wtf. Now have to start everything n I mean everything over it was that bad. What can I do to make it better plus not have this happen again cuz I payed like 500 for this stuff and I'm pissed .?!?

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