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  1. Blessed Wolfie

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    Probably going to hot glue them, because I know that if I try to sew it, I will get frustrated. Not a project I want to get frustrated on. I will most likely sew a few bits though, just for reinforcement. But no spray adhesive. Got it. :)
  2. Htedomsa

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    This is some great advice that I would apply all across the arts. Since my mate and I are just getting into fursuit construction and trying to learn as much as possible first, this is helpful as anything. It can be way to easy to get distracted especially when it is something you are excited about.
  3. Translord

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    Oh god, some of those "don'ts" made me want to cry. Why would someone even try to sell those? Good gracious!
  4. Kahoku

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    You might want to add the fact that fiberglass has a god awful smell to it as well. So if anyone was trying to use it in private, probably not the best option the smell gets everywhere. ( I have used it in the past, not friendly material )
  5. ScaredToBreathe

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    Aww, but I was just going to staple my old shag rug to myself.
    ....or not.

    Actually though, this is an extremely helpful compilation, thanks!
  6. swiftpaws

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    I wanna know if a plush like fur is ok for a partial cause I can't find any purple fur D: only in fabric.com which the plush fur is 4.98 which is cheap (its on sale) please answer today thank you
  7. Earth Rio

    Earth Rio It isn't butter?!

    Just out of curiosity, do you know of any stores in Northern Ireland that sell upholstery foam? I've been looking, and can't find any. If you know, then thanks! If not, then I don't mind.
  8. Bluetip

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    Man, I really wish there were more places for fur within Canada. Right now I'm figuring out if I can get some off of Etsy, but other than that, it's scarce where I am >__<
  9. ZZ_Cat

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    Hey, ya mentioned about FiberGlass (...And yea, it's heavy shit alright). I've been thinkin' of doin' my fursuit's base material out of Carbon Fiber (Obvious reasons: light-weight, strong as hell, easy to form etc.) and cover 95% of it with faux-fur.

    I figured to bring this up here and get all your thoughts on my decision.

    PS: I have plenty of access to BOTHE Carbon Fiber AND Fiberglass as I build unmanned helicopters outta the stuff in my spare-time.
  10. Kirodragoon

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    The link to the video for the Follow Me eyes seems to go to a private video ._.
  11. Chinona

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    Northwest/Marshall's Fabrics Might be useful under the fabrics in Canada... It doesn't have the locations that the others do (Only three stores two in Alberta one in Manitoba)... however you can get TOP quality fur there for about half the price of say Fabricland - I found 3 inch white pile with one way stretch there for $16.00 (compared to $25.00 WITH a membership discount at Fabricland on 3" white pile with no stretch)
  12. Derpbear

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    What's wrong with wonderflex exactly? I can understand it not holding up to wear-and-tear, but to nix it entirely seems silly to me, especially if it's just a base. I've used it coated in other things.
  13. Dose any have a pattern to make Cheetah ears. I'm going to learn how to make my own ears. I know how to make cat/fox ears but, I don't know how to make round ears. I have not seen a pattern for the round ears. I will be making ths to clip them in my hair.
  14. Trpdwarf

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    Wonderflex is an item that is highly heat sensitive and there are easily many situations where heads built with such material can take damage. That said the listing here is meant to be a guide for people to use materials that are generally safe to use and will offer the least issues. Wonderflex is not something everyone can work with and shouldn't be used to build fur suit heads.
  15. CaeTheSly

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    Disheartening to see the link of what to do/not do calling people on these forums "twats" because they poorly construct suits.... Really disheartening both for a newbie like myself and a poor reflection on the community IMO.
  16. Coywolf

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    Once the resin cures it does not smell, but that can take some time.
  17. Pyroar

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    You are a GOD SEND.
  18. Ozriel

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    Worbla, you could probably get away with since it's a durable material. Wonderflex is a thinner gauge(And slightly more expensive) than worbla and you'd have to layer 2-3 sheets just to make sure it holds up.
  19. YokoHellsing

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    Thank you for the awesome Random Tut, Making my first furSuit...I'm kinda scared/ Excited about making this. I hope it well turn out pretty darn good
  20. alliedforce34

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    Which one sells better fake seal fur? mendels.com or crscraft.com. I can't order samples (shipping costs too high to where I live).

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