Fur Trimming fursuit head help?

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by RottenAlice, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. RottenAlice

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    So I hand sewed all my peices together and slipped it onto the head. Everything is glued down ... er for the most part. I missed a few spots! Anyways I'm using a long pile this to be exact ---> www.joann.com: Luxury Faux Fur-White Husky | Jo-Ann
    It's a pretty long pile so i had a hard time trimming it down to look right. In the end I got upset and ripped it all off in the process shank-ing my thumb pretty bad.

    But what I'm asking is if there is any tips on trimming and cutting fur for the head of a fursuit.
    I've thought about trimming each piece before i sew so that's an option.

    Then again I might just try and find someone who will do it for me? Like I'll send the head and fur and everything and pay them for time. Just jesus christ!

    I'm pretty defeated now and not sure what to do.

    Here is the fur before I just trashed the fur to start over.
  2. racoondevil

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    I actually will watch this since it's a question I have myself. Miss Alice, may I say I have no idea what your vision is on your character, but it looks nice. Step back, throw it to the side for a week, come back and look again. Don't rush to "its not how I want it in my head." But as to your question, have you seen the youtube videos from Mischief Makers? She talks about not the technique, but the quality of the shavers she has and how they fair against fur trimming. It might not be how you're doubt it, but what you're doing it with. But that's just my 2 paws.
  3. RottenAlice

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    I got never shavers last night. The ones you can find in walmart for dog grooming, 24$ so not bad. Good lord it was the shavers! I tested the new ones out on some scrap and they cut like butter.
    I've cut out all the parts shaved down to a short pile so it's just sewing now and adding things. I'll post up pictures of what it looks like after.
  4. racoondevil

    racoondevil Minogue be my furname, hello!

    Oh that's great to hear. Hope that defeat turns into a triumph on this attempt. Good luck
  5. RottenAlice

    RottenAlice New Member

  6. racoondevil

    racoondevil Minogue be my furname, hello!

    Looking good! Glad you're having a better time shaving her this time around.

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