Furpocalypse 2016: Room Needed for One

Discussion in 'Room and Ride Shares' started by Hulex, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Hulex

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    Hey so I'm a bit desperate at this point to have this squared away, posting here for maximum visibility.

    I usually have a room squared away for this con but several balls have been dropped.

    I have two fursuits (one full, one partial) but I'm not really planning on bringing a ton of stuff. Bed space is preferred, main hotel preferred, I don't mind sharing a bed. I have money and I can buy alcohol for the room or something. I also have a rhythm game controller or two I could bring if you're interested in playing some jubeat or Sound Voltex in the room.

    Even if you can't host me, sharing this post would super help me out. Thanks in advance <3
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