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  1. shapeless0ne

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    garo is sorta furry......
  2. Cloudyhue

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    The only show I know of besides Wolf's Rain is Buta, an OVA that's pretty average. It's on YouTube.

    There's Wolf Children that's sort of furry and is a movie. Porco Rosso has an anthro pig in it. There's one more Ghibli movie with raccoons or something in it but I don't remember what it's called. There's no humans in that movie.
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  3. n1ghtmar3w0lf

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    wish there was more , if i could id turn my comic into one
  4. MoguMoguArt

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    I don't know if this has been suggested but Show By Rock is a show from Sanrio about idol bands and stuff but they're anthro animals
  5. Mandragoras

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    Pom Poko. It's about tanuki, or raccoon dogs, which serve as shapeshifting trickster spirits in Japanese myth. I've heard that it's actually kind of meh, unfortunately. Ghibli have equally weirdly Japanese fare which is significantly better.

    The Eccentric Family is also about tanuki, but I can vouch for it being exceptional, and it's a full show with a really strong sequel series, so yeah. Poco's Udon World also involves tanuki and looks adorable.
  6. Cloudyhue

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    I forgot about that one. I've heard it's kind of meh as well, so I haven't seen it.
  7. Cerberus326

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    Also there are Digimon.
    Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (Silver Fang).
    Hyper Police.
    Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls....fanservice ecchi.
    Spice and wolf.
    Zero Kara hajimeru mahou no shu.
    There are many more if you want them ...but some just have characters here or there that have some details of animals on them or something...enjoy!:)


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  8. Cerberus326

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    Top 10 Best Furries Anime [HD]:
  9. Cerberus326

    Cerberus326 Member

    Well there you go a big list just for you to eat up.
  10. Ginga_lover

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    where can I watch guardians of luna
  11. Cerberus326

    Cerberus326 Member

    And maybe KissAnime.ru
    Or they might have the three movies on YouTube also
  12. Ginga_lover

    Ginga_lover New Member

    I tried them all but no luck
  13. Cerberus326

    Cerberus326 Member

    Ya I tried YouTube but all the videos was locked because Funimation company killed there upload privileges on it.n I check too.no luck other than Funimation has all rights to it I guess n can't watch unless you pay for it...this sucks.
  14. Cerberus326

    Cerberus326 Member

    Well if any one is nice they could have a live video postings for us to watch it from there tv or something ...if there is anyone like that.
  15. Ginga_lover

    Ginga_lover New Member

    thanks for your help anyway Cerberus, I really do appreciate this
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  16. Cerberus326

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    No worries
  17. Ginga_lover

    Ginga_lover New Member

    though can anyone recognize this anime
  18. Lcs

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    Shouldn't this thread be in the 'TV, Video & Film' forum instead of the 'Music & Sound' forum?
  19. BennyJackdaw

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    Not sure if anyone's mentioned it, but in the movie Summer Wars, one of the character's is a main character's virtual icon that takes the form of an anthropomorphic rabbit.

    Edit: Ah, it was, last page. I did find it the ending a bit odd, though... (Spoiler below in white)
    The rabbit fights the main villain, almost wins, but then he "dies," but near the end of the movie he's thrown at the villain to finish him off and, all of a sudden, he's alive again. ...Well, I guess, since he's a virtual character, he can't really live or die, but still.
  20. hoadongtien

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