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    Log Horizon and multiple .hack// anime have furries in them. I wouldn't call them furry anime though.
    Thanks for mentioning this show. Hopefully I'll chek it out someday.
  2. Hoxyis

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    Now for a GIF of the Monkey Squad in Hunter x Hunter (although they aren't focused upon as much as the manga counterpart)
  3. derpherp

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    does wolf children count?
  4. Bloodhowl

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    yes of course
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    Wowow I never thought it exist so many furry anime, suddenly I have a lots of animes to see <3

    I would be cool if some moderator put a list in #1
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    The Osamu Tezuka films Bagi and Bremen 4 have some furries. They're currently streaming at AnimeSols and are crowdfunding the official DVD release of those movies. [The DVD set includes the three movies Bremen 4, Prime Rose, and Bagi]

    Bremen 4 (the furries temporaily turn into humans)

  7. JustThieving

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    Good! someone mentioned Bagi (although it's debatable whether it classifies:p), another option I liked although i thinks it's discontinued was 'Father of the Pride'.
  8. Swift12

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    Thanks, great collage! The lanky yellowish one looks rather good.
    Sadly, Bat was not made into her anthro-batfaced look from the manga, but she still looked nice. I have been going through the episodes and taking screenshots, already made about a hundred of Mosquito, the busty mosquito Chimera-ant. :)







    Of course she counts! She is a proper anthro with fur, tail and cat-like face, not a nekomimi. And for a long time, she was the only proper anthro from anime known to the west.
  9. PreciousPeach

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    another anime is called Guin Saga
  10. Swift12

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    Sorry, the link/image you provided is not working... you cannot hotlink from "chans", apparently.
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    ...so Gulkeeva is on dvd, that makes me happy...after reading this entire thread, it looks like thats as close as I'm going to get for a halfway decent furry anime....:(
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  12. Swift12

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    Do we ever see other Animanoids apart from the main characters in that series? As in, their cities, people, etc?
  13. Hoxyis

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  14. Falafox

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    I feel wolf children has been mentioned a lot, but I think a little of manlinness died for me with that movie, also by the same director Summer Wars, it is very little furry but it is an amazing movie that has some furry parts, also, King Kazma owns.
  15. chikyuu98

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    I remember seeing this in my furry anime libraryK.O. Century Beast
  16. NekoXboy

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    loveless, if you like yaoi
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    Konichiwa! My name is Kitsune and I am new to this site. (Head bow) please, take good care of me!

    I know that "Kiss on my Deity" is somewhat furry as the female protagonist is a kitsune, but if your talking about ideas for a furry anime title, then I've got one. It's called "I'm surrounded by Furries." I couldn't think of a Japanese title, though.
  18. NekoXboy

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    EDIT: wait nvm double post
  19. dogit

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    Er you herd of sands of destruction?
  20. Shadow Jaeger

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    Ok i read as far as page 6 and got bored so im not sure if anyone suggested this. Im not sure if this counts but didn't the original dragon ball have some furries. They kinda played a role of citizens of this weird version of earth. I am not sure why they got rid of them in DBZ. From memory there was a henchman from the main bad guy named shu...search him up. To be hohnest the trio back in that show was way to similiar to team rocket from pokemon. And the mayor of...west city i think it was, was a blue fox.

    Edit= i did a little background check on shu, he is a ninja dog ( mistaken for a fox by fans) who appears by the side of mai. This was made for a food joke. Shu in the original manga is also known as soba. He appears briefly in dbz and appears again in gt. He is also a playable character in a large amount of games. Shu is seen as anthropomorphic character. Sorry would of got a photo of him but i cant put up images through my tablet :p
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