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  1. Phoenix-Kat

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    Doe's "Chi's Sweet Home" count?
  2. Bloodhowl

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    NIGHTWOLF-SLYFOX ~The Wise Wolf~

    KanoKon, Cat Planet Cuties, Spice & Wolf, Baka & Test: Summon The Beasts, Dog Days, That last one is a personal favorite of mine and the characters are absolutely adorable. I hope this list helps you! :3
  4. FeralArrow

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    I've seen people mention Wolf Children and Digimon, but what about some of Mamoru Hosada's other movies?

    Summer Wars- This movie just has one furry character in it that is really bada$$, but it's a great movie so I still recommend. Especially if you like Digimon.


    The Boy and the Beast - This one is coming out later this year!

  5. Imperial Impact

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    already been called.
  6. Furtaku

    Furtaku A furry who likes anime.

    A thread for furry anime? Has anyone mentioned Gintama? There's a lot of characters in it with features that could be classed as 'furry features', if that's even a thing.
  7. Hell_Charm

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    This would make for an epic anime, however I think it will take forever before this comes out
  8. FurryWolfieBuddy

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    i've watched Summer Wars and Wolfs rain both are really good :D
  9. WolfyNightshade

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    I was lucky and bought this game when it cme out with the soundtrack and everything for like 30$, One of the best stories in a DS game ever in my opinion, however, the gameplay/fighting is a bit eh. Still an amazing game though. Hard to find anymore.
  10. CarbonCoal

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    It's not exactly a furry anime but Yo-Kai watch has a good amount of furry yokai,and it's a pretty show funny too.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    There's also Show by Rock where the characters turn into furries.I've only seen one episode of this show so far so I'm not sure how good it is.
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  11. TidesofFate

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    Guin Saga has a character that has a leopard head and I remember there being a monkey race of some kind. It's not really furry, but Guin is badass.
  12. DonKarnage

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    Demetan Croaker, The Boy Frog 1973

    Beast Saga




  13. lupinealchemist

    lupinealchemist Hamburger time.

    I remember hearing about this around 2010. I figured it just fizzled out.
  14. Swift12

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    Tot the People who keep bringing up Gintama - that's an anime that has a DOG in it. Just a regular non-anthro dog. How is that "furry"? Sorry with that logic every anime that shows animals is furry.

    The IMDB page says it comes out in 2015. And hey, they produced a trailer too. THough I dunno when it changed from a western animation like Gargoyles to an anime.
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  15. Swift12

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    How can you not mention the one truly anthro character, Kyubii? And he is fabulous... :D



  16. Swift12

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    Thanks! Yeah I know about them. There was this tiger dude too who is a leader in the red ribbon army - as usual, he gets killed in one episode, sadly. The army had a lot of anthros too.
    Any female anthros that you remember, from that show?
  17. ReDx_nineclaws

    ReDx_nineclaws cuz 7 8 9 thats why

    not sure if some one else posted this but this one is good kinda talky though.
  18. Traven V

    Traven V Luna-tic.

    did anyone mention "Hyper Police" I <3 that one, especially the end. "Sherlock hound" is ok for a few episodes.
    There's also Zorori which I am a big fan of.
  19. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    Several adaptations of that author's work since have gone with catfolk as the main characters, including the biographical picture Spring and Chaos and the lesser-known Gauche the Cellist.

    Has Gingitsune been brought up? I've heard good things about that one.
  20. Phoenix-Kat

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    Does "Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature" count?

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