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Discussion in 'The Tavern (RP Discussion)' started by LupusSomnium, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    I'm looking for partners for Furry/Anthro roleplays.

    • M/M preferably
    • 18+ because I'd like for the plot to turn romantic/sexual eventually;
    • I'm fine with some fetishes/kinks like Dom/sub, Mpreg, Omegaverse, etc. so we can talk about it beforehand; we can also discuss others.
    • My characters are dominant/seme/top;
    • I like smaller partners for them, but it's NOT necessary. I can play with any type and I'm fine with traps too;

    - Preferably paragraphs, up to 4 sentences or more at least. I understand there are times where I can't reply with much, so it's fine if it happens now and then too.
    - It's not necessary to be amazing at grammar, considering English is only my second language, as long as it's understandable.

    I use Skype mostly but I'm also good with Discord or Kik. If you prefer other PM apps, let me know.
  2. theCRAZYshow

    theCRAZYshow Member

    I'm, up!
    Can I have your discord?
  3. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    Of course!
    MarbleHeroes #1501
  4. Seduce

    Seduce Member

    I'm interested.
  5. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    Awesome. Would you prefer discord or Skype?
  6. Seduce

    Seduce Member

    I added you on discord
  7. Interested, any sort of plot for the RP? Just asking, you into TF?
  8. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    What is TF?
    And we can discuss the plot if you like.
  9. Its a popular thing on FA. It stands for transformation, and it involves one thing, generally a person (somes an anthro) somehow becoming another form (which can be almost anything possible).

    I'm available on Discord.
  10. DemonSukaii

    DemonSukaii New Member

    I'm interested my discord is Demonsukaii#3545
  11. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    MarbleHeroes #1501
  12. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

  13. Lovesgivingbirth8

    Lovesgivingbirth8 New Member

    Might I have your discord?
  14. Jonathan Spencer

    Jonathan Spencer New Member

    Could I join? I'd love to RP!

    I'm Neth Smiley#2767 on Discord

    However, I am not a feral, I am very much an anthro, even though I AM a male, black-furred Shepard mix. This picture is a sort of placeholder.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
  15. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    MarbleHeroes #1501
  16. LupusSomnium

    LupusSomnium New Member

    Of course! I'll add you.

    MarbleHeroes #1501
  17. Komi

    Komi New Member

    I'd like to try if you'd have me.
  18. bohrium

    bohrium Tired and Gay™

  19. Komi

    Komi New Member

    Added you on discord

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