Furry Version of Harem Manga

Discussion in 'Writing and Prose' started by GeekRaptor, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. GeekRaptor

    GeekRaptor Member

    A Good or Bad Idea?
  2. Amiir

    Amiir Deez nutz. Hah. Got 'eem

    I don't know. If the involved characters are hot then yeah, I guess. Only found out about this genre just now though
  3. GeekRaptor

    GeekRaptor Member

    The Difference is my female characters actually look like Anthros.
  4. Conker

    Conker Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears

    Bad, but marketable. Go for it.
  5. GeekRaptor

    GeekRaptor Member

    In what way, and how might I overcome those problems?
  6. Conker

    Conker Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears

    By not making it a furry harem manga.
  7. GeekRaptor

    GeekRaptor Member

    Did you even read the actual story yet?
  8. Erzyal

    Erzyal Keeper of useless information

    I would read it :3
  9. GeekRaptor

    GeekRaptor Member

    Thank You
  10. Misomie

    Misomie Lazy Artist

    Harems often follow the same formula. Clueless and dumb guy surrounded by several females that like him because manga. The guy is just magically adored by all and the females are jealous and hurt emotionally until one comes out on top when the others give up or they all share the guy. Blam! Every. Harem. Ever.
  11. GeekRaptor

    GeekRaptor Member

    Male looking so stupid? Yeah, that's a tradition that needs to be broken.
  12. Conker

    Conker Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears

    If there's a story to read, link me to it.
  13. Owleri

    Owleri Digital Artist

    I don't think it's a bad idea, it's just that there are a lot of cliches in harem genres that you would need to be aware of and perhaps approach it from a different direction. Typically the biggest problem, aside from the plain male character with no defining features that make him worth being pursued, is that the genre focuses too much on introducing the harem early on when the focus should be the development of the relationships so that there is investment in each character as they are brought in. So it may be best not to start with the full harem but work up to it perhaps?
  14. Punnchy

    Punnchy Feed Me Pizza

    I think the best thing to blend would be a furry harem manga that included sex scenes to grab a bigger audience. This would increase your reader base. You could also do a safe for work version of the comic too, where scenes are skipped or altered for a non-adult audience. The two big series that I'm aware make use of this are Peter is the Wolf and Druids, but Druids doesn't skip the sex scenes in the release I've found.
  15. redhusky

    redhusky Active Member

    Do it!
  16. SciFurz

    SciFurz New Member

    *dragging the undead thread from the bottom of the pile, thinking it might be the best place for anyone still interested in furry harem and who might get a message on this thread because it seems to be the only one in existence*

    Lookie here: www.furaffinity.net: Daily Life With Furry Girls ch 01 by SciFurz

    Fully self serving plug of non-erotic romance comedy with smart male and "normal" female anthro characters (real harem, not just one girl out of everyone)

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