Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017

Discussion in 'Furry Conventions' started by PINK!, May 1, 2016.

  1. PINK!

    PINK! Member

    I know it's still a year away, but is anyone planning on going to FWA in 2017? My boyfriend and I are currently planning to go, without fursuits.
  2. Roby :3

    Roby :3 I'm back xD

    im not. abit to young to go and stuff, but I've watch clips from this year on youtube
  3. PINK!

    PINK! Member

    Oh yeah, I was really excited to see that the Angel Dragon Telephone went this year.
  4. Cobalt-Fox

    Cobalt-Fox Just a traveling fox named Cobalt

    I was working FWA this year (2016)! I'm SO going this coming year (2017)!!
  5. Soji

    Soji Member

    I will be going, and selling in the dealers den!
  6. JynxLynx

    JynxLynx :^)

    I live nearby and really wish I could. Unfortunately cannot. When was this years FWA?
  7. Cobalt-Fox

    Cobalt-Fox Just a traveling fox named Cobalt

    This years was April 1st-3rd
  8. Rhee

    Rhee Member

    I've made plans with one of my best friends to attend, we'll be out of state so we're sort of hawking the page to get a hotel reservation.
  9. Cobalt-Fox

    Cobalt-Fox Just a traveling fox named Cobalt

    I feel ya on that one. Unfortunately, I slept in my car cause every hotel was completely booked out in the area. The Masters golf tournament was starting that Sunday, and people from all over the world invade Augusta Ga. Hotels book out fast for that time of year so yeah it kinda sucked. On top of that I didn't make any plans to go to FWA 2016. I was called in to help out with lighting for the con at the main stage. At any rate, I will have a room at FWA 2017 though.
  10. Rhee

    Rhee Member

    do you have an estimate when the site will update the hotel link? for room booking

    our local con megaplex 2016 booked fully within 8 days; which I'm pretty upset about still. :C
  11. Cobalt-Fox

    Cobalt-Fox Just a traveling fox named Cobalt

    I honestly dont know when the site will update the link(s). I did get a few flyers about Megaplex at FWA. Where and when is it? I might go to it, if I have the time and funds lol
  12. Rhee

    Rhee Member

    megaplexcon.org: The Hotel: Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista South | Megaplex Anthropomorphic Convention

    it's in kissimmee so I guess if you have the time and the funds you could enjoy the magic kingdom, though it would be a longer drive since its further from the airport and ugh; Not really happy with the location change early august, perfect for heat damage.
  13. TheRedGhost

    TheRedGhost Member

    I'll be planning on attending 2017 if i can. Prolly try to squish a spot in the Artist Alley
  14. Cobalt-Fox

    Cobalt-Fox Just a traveling fox named Cobalt

    Good luck this year(2017). It was supa packed this past year (2016).
  15. GoldenDruid

    GoldenDruid Artist and Entreprefur

    I can't wait for FWA 2017! Had such a good time this year.
  16. torken

    torken Torken

    I want to go this year but i cant find the days D:
  17. Yup! Gonna be my first ever furcon/furry related event. Hope to have a fursuit by that time as well so maybe I can join the dance comp.
  18. torken

    torken Torken

    Yo if I go I'll cheer you on :D
  19. MEDS

    MEDS Non-medicinal Foxicorn

  20. Vince_Werewolf

    Vince_Werewolf Herbivoraceous Musician

    If only I could... I've never been to a furry con ;-;
  21. Cobalt-Fox

    Cobalt-Fox Just a traveling fox named Cobalt

    Hey how did the raves look this past year (2016)? More importantly the ones on Saturday and Sunday??
  22. Red Panda Hiro

    Red Panda Hiro Did somebody call for a Hiro?

    I am super excited, this will be my first convention that I will suit at.
  23. GoldenDruid

    GoldenDruid Artist and Entreprefur

    I'm not sure. I didn't make it to any. Would like to in the future :3
  24. Snowfurry360

    Snowfurry360 The out-of-this-world kinda gal

    I WANT to go, but I am too young!!
  25. vietz

    vietz New Member

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