Fursonacon 2016

Discussion in 'Furry Conventions' started by Yuukari, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Yuukari

    Yuukari FAU Operations Director

    Anyone going? Long shot I know.

    (I'll be there in the Dealers Den, Table 6, Furthemore!)
  2. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Nope, I missed it. Didn't know about it.

    How many furs attended, would ya say? Odd, now there's 3 cons in VA. I'm gonna go to Fur the 'More, and maybe FAU, pending $$$.

    But what was this con like? Curious furs need to know.
  3. pardonmewhileisquee

    pardonmewhileisquee Thedragonmommy aka Bunz

    I am going to be in the Artist Alley ( I missed the dealers den sign ups) I am preregistered and have my con hotel booked wee. If ya know anyone else going that needs to room share i have just myself and my squishes going at the moment. I will split the room cost evenly up to 3 additonal furries myself being the 4th as room rules allow.

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