Commission (Hiring): Fursuit and/or Partials (Head/Paws)

Discussion in 'Furry Trading Post' started by Haruto, May 26, 2016.

  1. Haruto

    Haruto Cookiecutter

    Hey there!

    I'm looking to commission an artist to create my head/paws, or an entire suit. I'm a small person-- like, can still fit into children's clothes, and my price range is flexible if you can be flexible, too. I'd really like it if we could agree on a payment plan. You'd ship it after the payments were finished, 'cause I wouldn't expect you to trust a stranger over the internet to be honest; I understand entirely. :x

    • Northern USA
    • Canine - Shiba
    • Toony/CUTE
    • Happy expression
    • Short, skinny
    I'd need to see your work, of course, and preferably have contact with a reference or two.

    Let me know if you'd like to talk! Please don't be offended if I'm not interested in your work...I might be somewhat picky with style for myself, but that doesn't mean I don't admire what you've made for others.
  2. Shotalicious

    Shotalicious Sheepish Shota with a Soft Spot for Sugary Sweets

    Ey, you got a reference or anything~?
    Im sorta new to this, as ive never really worked with good quality fabric, but id say my work is decent uwu
    Idk if youd be interested though XD
  3. Haruto

    Haruto Cookiecutter

    If you have examples, I'd definitely like to take a look~

    And I've never had fursuit blueprints or anything drawn before, but I have a lot of nice drawings of my fursona and could probably whip something up after work today.
  4. AvaWOLF13

    AvaWOLF13 Artist

    I make partials. I have only completed one though.
  5. Shotalicious

    Shotalicious Sheepish Shota with a Soft Spot for Sugary Sweets

    Ey, should I email you examples or something~?
    Or just PM? owo
  6. FedoraEagle

    FedoraEagle New Member

  7. HallowQueen

    HallowQueen Candy is dandy~

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