Fursuit for a doll?!

Discussion in 'Fursuiting & Costuming' started by flashbeem, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. flashbeem

    flashbeem New Member

    Hi there!

    I have a fantasy to create a fursuit for my doll based on a rainbow dash anthro character!

    I wonder if someone has already created a fursuit for a life size doll? Maybe there are pictures available online?


  2. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox This is what the fandom did to me!

    OK this one actually confuses me so I'm just going to ask, why? Is this some sort of fetish thing or...what?
  3. flashbeem

    flashbeem New Member

    Dear Mr. Fox,

    yes, I'm sorry. I'm a love doll collector (silicone or tpe life size dolls >2000.-$) and this is already a fetish and pervert for most people. Now I had the idea to create a fursuit for a doll to have a life size pony in my collection. I think if someone doesn't find my dolls a fetish the fursuit on a doll will break some tolerance borders.... but it's an idea and I wanted to know if someone already created something like this (a fursuit not for a human).

    Please see attached the planned character

    24-03-2017 19-20-36.png BLUE_A.jpg BLUE_B.jpg
  4. racoondevil

    racoondevil Minogue be my furname, hello!

    I'm sure it's already been done. There are already toys, (bad dragon) so you know there are people out there that fantasize and own an anthropomorphic love doll in some fashion. There are even some that use plush dolls. I don't but....... curiosity you know.

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