Fursuit Livejournal now owned by Russia and users subject to Russian law

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by rufe-squirrel, Dec 5, 2017.

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    I cant find any info in the topic search on FA about this so I am asking people here for help. I cant find out if anyone has spoken about this yet.

    I have recently revived my membership at Fursuit Livejournal ready to start learning to construct fursuits. But when I logged in I discovered Livejournal is now an entirely russian owned side and they want me to sign a new user agreement to use it again saying that I must comply to russian law. The site is also now filled with russian language adds that AdBlock will not remove.

    I have very limited access to find out anything about what this will mean for the livejournal until I sign the legal agreement subjecting me to russian law. I want to know what is going on here and what this will mean for me as a user. Scanning through the user agreement I saw that it states that my IP address can be visible to other users.

    Is anyone here a member of the site and what is going on here now? Are people going to leave the community? Especially with the very aggressive russian adds that cant be turned off on every page.

    Is there another community on the web dedicated to building fursuits that can rival the material on LiveJournal?
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    I don't know all the details of all the everything regarding LiveJournal's terms and conditions, but this is something that's been in place as far back as I can recall. Basically, community owners (possibly individual journal owners as well? I've not mucked around with LJ's interface in ages so I'm not sure) can set their community to log the IP of anonymous users or all users who comment on posts. This is generally something that is used to try to combat abuse, but privacy laws usually require websites to disclose if this is a possibility.

    So if you just intend to browse, it's nothing to be concerned about. To the best of my recollection and knowledge, posts that will log your IP will also note this in connection to the comment box if you go to comment.
  3. rufe-squirrel

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    OK. But do you know of whether or not the site is being abandoned due to the "comply with russuian law" that bans political statements and what could be constituted as 'gay propaganda'? I mean under that rule they could determine anything furry to be queer and to ban the whole group outright.

    Is there another major website for fursuit builders to congregate? Or is FLJ pretty much the most comprehensive site on the web for it?
  4. Pipistrele

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    As a Russian citizen, I find this line of thought a tiny bit offensive and uninformed. While the percentage of homophobia here is still depressingly high, we don't really have any real, active "anti-gay" laws as mass media wants you to believe - the only actual one is the infamous law that was proposed by Vitaly Milonov (one of the "joke politicians" on that point, even alt-right openly laughs at him), which exclusively covers St. Petersburg, and it wasn't even used once anyway. Same for the LiveJournal and Runet in general - there is a paranoic Internet censorship in Russia, but it doesn't go further than "locking sites under a firewall" (easily avoidable by VPN or Browsec), and it's mostly child pornography and drug references that are getting banned, gay stuff is a fair game. I mean, Russian furry community is probably the second biggest only to English-speaking one (if sites like Wikifur and Furnation.ru are any indication), and many top-selling furry artists like Wolfy-Nail actually came from Russia, so I kinda doubt government tries to censor us that much on this matter :D
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  5. Kellan Meig'h

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    Ya know, I read the new TOS. Nothing that caught my eye as being unreasonable.

    My personal opinion? If you don't like the new TOS, you're not obligated to use the service. Pretty plain, if you ask me. I have read the Russian version of the TOS and it's pretty much the same as the English version, barring translation vagaries due to the language structure differences.

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  6. Simo

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    Also, no fursuiters may represent Russia in the Winter Olympics.
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