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Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by Shino, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Awesome! Thanks. I did pick up a teddy bear cleaner the other day and used it and it got all the stains out, but it left a slightly weird residue. o_o; Is that normal, or..?
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    Did you spray it on, or put it on a cloth and dabbed at it?
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    I hope it's not too late to respond here, as this thread hasn't gotten a lot of replies recently.

    My Gshep bodysuit has an attached tail; when you look inside, can you see the opening for the tail? If you can, you can simply turn it inside out halfway and dig out all of the stuffing by hand. Once it's all out, you can completely turn the bodysuit and the tail inside out and throw it in the tub :3 That's what I do.

    Another thing I wanted to mention (even though it's been said several times) is to PLEASE brush your suit! Before you suit, after you suit, after you clean it and it is dry; at every opportunity I am brushing my suit out. But unfortunately I still see people with matted, mangy looking suits running around (Room 366 anyone?).

    Granted I know that while running around your suit will get a little matted, especially if you sweat a lot, but I've seen way too many who don't even give their suits the time of day.
  4. Hey there huys and girls I have a problem. I bought a partial.. I have only tail and paws.. The thing is I just try it out for first time. It fits me well and all. The problem is that when I looked carefully I could see stitches poping like crazy all over the places. On my paws there are like three holes and on my tail one. I can fix that.. But any suggestion If it would be o.k and poping after when I sew it two times just for caution meassure?
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    [h=3]During Use[/h]
    • Be very careful when putting on your suit. These are not clothing and should not be treated as such. Carefully pull the suit over your body. Do not force anything in. The backing of the material is fragile. When zipping up, go slowly being sure to not catch anything in the zipper. It is always easier to have a second person to help you in and out.
    • We recommend wearing Under Armor® or some form of spandex under your suit. This allows for the best movement and helps greatly on keeping you cool.
    • Be extra careful when handling the head. Do not hang on by the ears or nose.
    [h=3]After Use[/h]
    • Fur brush - We recommend using this before and after each time you perform. This keeps the fibers in the best shape.
    • Turn your suit inside out and spray thoroughly with disinfectant spray.
    • Always hang your body until it dries, then it can be folded or stored away.
    • Spray down the rest of the suit as well. You can turn paws inside out to help them dry.
    • Bodies with minimal airbrushing are machine washable. Make sure you use cold water and a delicate cycle.
    • Use fabric softener, but never use bleach.
    • Do NOT put anything into a dryer! This will melt the fibers and destroy your costume! Always air dry and brush out any fur periodically until it's dry.
    • Paws and tail can be hand washed with cold water and laundry detergent.
    • Be very careful with any airbrushed spots.
    • Do NOT ever use a blow dryer. This can burn and melt fibers on your suit very easily. Always air dry.
    • Always be careful when cleaning any part of your costume, especially the head. It is the most fragile piece. Wash with a cold cloth. Do not submerge completely in water.
    • Never store the suit unless it is completely dry and sprayed with disinfectant.
    • Always try to hang the suit right side out on a hanger. It can also be stored neatly folded.
    • Make sure there is ample room for the head. Never store anything on top of any part of your suit.
    • If you are short on space, suits can be stored in a large tote. These are easy to find and very cheap. They work great for quick transporting too!
    • When traveling by car, use a hard plastic tote to store your suit. Fold everything nicely and don't overstuff inside the tote. Make sure the head is on top and has room around it. Never place anything on top of the tote!
    • Don't forget your disinfectant spray!
    • Traveling by plane is tricky. If you can, mail your suit to a friend or to your hotel. Otherwise find a large enough hard travel suitcase. Type up directions on how to fit the suit back into your suitcase for when it's inspected and taken out by the airline. Also putting a photo of what's in your suitcase may help you. Suits probably look weird going through the airline's X-ray machine.
    • Do not rely on taping your suit if you're on an airplane. Most airlines will inspect taped packages. Make sure you use a suitcase with a manual lock or something that clips closed.

    **This is not my care guide. I found it online but I believe it's VERY helpful.
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    I recommend a Rubber Maid action packer. It's large enough for almost every head, except maybe those with abnormally large ears. They're also just inside the size range for Southwest airlines to check them for free at 61".
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    For fursuit storage/transport I used a large fiberpak drum with a greif-lok ring which accepted a luggage lock to secure it. Now I use a Plano footlocker with rollers, bought from Dunham's with 20% off coupon. Lockable and easy to move about.
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    Ok, I really need help. My cat decided it was a good idea to throw up on my armsleeves last night. How can I clean them?
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    Shino. Is the wolf in your profile picture inspired by Wolf's Rain even a little bit? even "Blue" reminds me of one of the characters in there ;P
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    extremely late comment is late :p

    For my partial, I use Lysol. After suiting I set my head out, and spray the inside of the head with Lysol. When spraying your head, make sure you spray the front area where it touches your face, the top, and the bottom of the back; these are all in almost constant contact with the most sweaty parts of your head! The fur on my head is really short (it's like cuddle fur or something), so i don't have to brush often, and really only brush it to keep the head looking nice. the maker of my partial didn't put a liner in it, so i always Lysol it twice to make sure it's clean. After spraying, i leave my head on a chair or something under my fan with the mouth open wide to allow air flow to dry it.

    For paws, I also use Lysol. Generally, paws see more use than heads, and they get worn out more easily. I dance with my paws, so the fur on them is really old and worn. I've had to patch them up a few times, and one of them is getting another small hole. After i wear my paws, i flip them inside out and use a (clean) lice comb to get rid of what i call "Glove Fuzz" (it's essentially pilled up fur inside the paws). Then i spray them with Lysol and leave them out to dry. Every once and a while, i throw my paws in the washer so they can be cleaned a little more thoroughly. for the tail, i just brush it. Lice combs work wonders for styling and brushing fur, especially longer fur accents!
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    I dare not wash my fur! I just let it dry out of the sun, put a little bit of talc and brushed a tiny little hairs to remove residue and let it brighter.
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    Please do. The human skin always gives off some dead skin cells, fats, and such. That's why fursuits need washing, no matter how well you dry and disinfect them.
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    I have foam digitigade legs that DO NOT turn inside out. How do i go about washing theses?

    I heard febreeze breaks down foam...to use alcohol? And....never to submerge the foam? Its a /lot/ of foam...i agree that wouls take forever to dry. Any ideas or advise for foam cleaning?
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    Duct tape, duct tape fixes everything. If that doesn't work, then you're not using enough of it.

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