Fursuiters needed for “Furry Nation” photo shoot

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    Hi, I’m the greymuzzle author of Furry Nation, a history of the fandom that was published last month – (see http://www.furrynation.com , dogpatch.press: Furry Nation: The True Story of America’s Most Misunderstood Subculture, by Joe Strike – review by Fred Patten. and

    Huck ( Huck Magazine – Radical Culture ) plans to write about Furry Nation. They want to accompany their article with fursuiter pix taken by their photographer. (I’ve already volunteered - www.furaffinity.net: Komos in repose by Comus )

    This is legit, they’re not doing a “lookit the weirdos” piece. They just ran a very friendly, no cheap shots pictorial spread of women ‘suiters –

    www.huckmagazine.com: Spotlighting the forgotten women of the furry community

    – and check out their self-description:

    Huck celebrates independence: people and movements that paddle against the flow. Inspired by radical youth culture, Huck roams the globe seeking out artists, activists and creative renegades who are breaking down the old world to build something new. - www.huckmagazine.com: Huck - Rebel Culture

    Unfortunately there’s a time crunch: even though the photo shoot will take place at a later date they need commitments from the fursuiter(s) by Monday Nov 13. They say they’re willing to send a photographer just about anywhere. If you’re interested or know a ‘suiter who might be please send me a note asap – thanx much!
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    Damn shame it's such short notice! Hope you get a good response.

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