Fursuiting for Broke Noobs

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  1. Yakamaru

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    Use cardboard. xD

    Worst case scenario, skin a couple of animals and make a suit, lolololol. :3

    Though if you did that it might end up smelling like dead & skinned animal after a while..
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    I good place to get super cheap foam is to see if you have an upholstery places near you. They will sell scrap foam dirt cheap, that's how I get mine. I get like a 30gallon sized trash bag for just five bucks.
  3. crystallinecanine

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    OKAY LEMME LAY IT DOWN FOR YOU. It does not cost a fortune to make a suit, if you spend the money wisely. I was raised to be savvy with money, so I look for every opportunity to save money, even when making suits. I will give you a rundown of how much it costs for me to make a suit.

    I make partial suits, mostly. They don't need a lot of fur, nor do they use a lot of foam, like fullsuits do. The main stores you will need to shop at are: Walmart, Ebay, and fabricempire.com. Don't get joann.com fur, no matter how low the price. It is horrible and a waste of money.


    -Fleece (varies on how much you get) Assuming you get 2 colors: 6.00
    Walmart surprisingly sells fabrics of many types! I frequently get fleece there.
    Fleece can be used for the nose, paw pads, claws, tongue, and lining the mouth. If your character isn't a bag of skittles, then you'd only need 1-2 colors of fleece. One yard of fleece is 2.00-5.97. If you have a local super walmart that has a fabric section that you can choose your fabric in person, get your fabric in half yards so that you don't get more than you need (and it will cost less).
    Anti-Pill Polyester Fleece Solids Fabric By The Yard, 60" Wide - Walmart.com

    - Glue gun and glue sticks. 8.64
    Assuming you don't have these items. if you do disregard this step. I have been blessed with a great dollar store that sells mini glue guns and glue sticks, but in the event that your dollar store doesn't sell these, walmart is a great choice too.
    The ad-tech brand mini hotglue gun is 2.67 and the 100 pack adtech glue stick is 5.97 (you will be using alot of hot glue). The hot glue guns are pretty good, considering i've had one for a year that has heavy usage.
    Glue gun: Low-Temp Mini Glue Gun - Walmart.com
    Glue sticks: Ad tech Multi-Temp Mini Size 4" Glue Sticks, 100 ct - Walmart.com

    Foam- 15.97
    If you're making a partial, you'll only need one roll of foam. You won't even need the entire roll of foam, if you are careful with what you are doing. The roll walmart sells is 2 feet x 6 feet and 1 inch thick. It's 16.00, but you'll be able to use the remaining foam for another project.
    Project Foam - Walmart.com

    Pet Clippers: Walmart has a cheap set of clippers that serve well for fursuit shaving. I suggest trying to find one at a local walmart so that if you only use them once, you probably can refund them and get 25 dollars back in your pocket.

    So far, you're at 30.00. It's not a bad start, but now we'll get into the furs.

    Fabric Empire:
    I cannot stress this enough-- always get quality furs. If you start with shoddy fur, your ending project will reflect that since the fur is almost the most important part of a fursuit.
    There is an extra way to save money with buying fur from this shop. With every purchase, they give you a "15% off your next purchase" coupon when you show them a picture of what you made with materials from their shop. What I would do is buy one color of fur and make maybe the tail first, send the picture in and redeem your 15% off and apply it to the other 3 furs that you haven't bought yet. Cha-ching!
    Each of these are 21.90 each.
    Vermillion:www.fabricempire.com: Red Long Pile Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric
    White: www.fabricempire.com: White Long Pile Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric
    Black: www.fabricempire.com: Black Long Pile Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric
    Red-Orange (The color is rust, but i think it captures the color of red orange well) : www.fabricempire.com: Faux Fur Long Pile Shaggy RUST
    All the furs cost 87.60. If you buy one first at 21.90 and redeem the coupon, the remaining furs (65.70) will now cost 55.84. Not too much, but it would feel nice to have a few bucks back in your pocket.
    Extras: Allow 20 in your budget for needles, thread (you should just get white and a dark red/black. no need for all different colors), sewing elastic for the tail/armsleeves, and scissors. You don't need to get new materials if you already have some of these. If you don't know how to make fursuit eyes, you can buy a premade pair from someone on etsy or look up some tutorials online.

    All in all, your approximate total to get materials would be around 160, given you stay within your materials and price range. Shipping costs can sneak up on you, so make sure that you take the extra costs into account. You should have 200 as your max budget and stick closely to it. If you find that something costs too much, you can cut it out as long as it doesn't affect the major aesthetics of your final outcome (Buying one less fur color could help, but you should get the clippers to make for a nice shave).

    I hope that this isn't confusing at all! Please let me know of any questions you have and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. (and let me know if there's anything to be edited.) ^-^
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    Only $200!? That's chump change compared to what I thought I was gonna need! Thanks! :D And, yeah. I was thinking of doing a head, hands, feet and a tail because I want her to be clothed, and it doesn't matter if there's fur underneath a blazer and jeans. :)
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    Just do what "Boomer The Dog" did, make your fursuit out of paper mache and you'll be good to go.
  6. crystallinecanine

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    It's shocking at what a lot of people spend to make a fursuit. Maybe someday when I get really really good, i might spend 300-400 on materials but honestly that's crazy talk lololol! Partials are the easiest on your pockets and I hope that your build goes smoothly! ^^
  7. FluffyShutterbug

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    Me too, but it probably won't be for a while... :(
    Uhm... I think that I'd want for it to last for more than a few uses?
  8. Mr. Fox

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    Wait, I meant shredded paper. Anyway it's an option.
    Ah, I do loves me some dark humor, but also an option.
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    This would go over quite well at the meet. I'm sure.

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