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    My name is Roy Sherrill. i am new to the furry lifestyle but have been a fan for many years. i'm planing on attending Further Confusion 2017 january 12th to 16th 2017 here in San Jose ca. at the San Jose Convention Center. I have a 2 bedroom apartment to myself and am looking to provide crash space for others looking to attend the convention. the convention center is a 20 minute bus ride from my home with just a 2 block walk from bus to the convention center or take the lightrail to the Mckee Light rail stop 2 blocks from my home. bus runs 6 am to 10 pm and the last light rail from the convention center to my home is just after midnight. crash space will include full access to my kitchen for meals and use of my 6foot inflatable hot tub for soaking after a day of walking around the con. there is a full size bed in the spare bedroom and plenty of floor space for sleeping bags so we can host several people here. plus plenty of supplies for making and repairing Fury suits.

    I have a large Sheep skin Rug sown in a tiger pattern with an inch thick pile and some fur mittens for those who want to roll in the furs for real or for a Furry Massage.

    crash space is by donation upon aproval as im a disabled shut in and welcome the company.

    My persona is a Steam Punk style Polar Bear in a Santa Suit and Tophat. sort of like from Golden Compass. i'm still looking for an artist to help my with my pictures and to help me build my fury suit. I have the Supplies just need help putting it together. i can only do so much on my own being in a wheelchair. and yes my chair is Red.

    if interested call or text/wechat roy at 669-222-0047 or eaglevr360@gmail.com

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