Game of the Gods: A science fantasy story about games and gods.

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    Diretooth Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope Game of the Gods: Part One by Diretooth
    'The world is in crisis, and yet, everyone clings to the faintest hope that everything will be fixed with little trouble.
    And that is why we are doomed.'
    Sora Erron is cynical.
    Living in a future world where reality has been augmented with Inter-Cranial Virtual Reality implants, rarely anyone steps outside for any significant length of time.
    Especially not with the advent of Multiplayer Online Games that can take place within the minds of those with the implant.
    When his attention is drawn to a three-day-old MOG named Game of the Gods, he is drawn into a struggle between himself and this new virtual world.

    I've been somewhat active on the forums, so I might as well do some shameless self-promotion. Game of the Gods is the kind of story that I've always wanted to read as a kid, but never was able to find because it didn't exist. Of course, it has some mature themes, plenty of swearing, references to nudity, things that any rational adult can handle without too much trouble, so if you're looking for something to read, or are just bored enough to have clicked this topic, here you go.

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