Games everyone seems to love, but you just couldn't get into.

Discussion in 'PC & Console Gaming' started by Beatle9, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    I've heard of a 30-something brony of that variety. He went from sharpening knives in his spare time to brushing the manes of pony figurines, and left a fair amount of MLP artwork on my ship's network drive.
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  2. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    When I played it it was after I played Skyrim. I picked up Oblivion in 2014, I think. Compared to the other games that came out then it looked horrible and I just couldn't do it. Plus I hated the skill system and the magic.
  3. LumeKat

    LumeKat Member

    Oblivion looks fine when modded, but the level up system sucks. I just straight up cheat myself up to 20 and never level up again.

    I didn't like the first Dragon Age, seemed really forced to me. EA just wanted their own same old uncreative Tolkien world with the market already saturated with TES, Warcraft and D&D. And the awkward digital romance gave me the chills. Just like in Mass Effect which I like when there's stuff to do between the talking.
  4. Tavelius

    Tavelius New Member

    I liked Oblivion quite a lot, and was a bit disappointed with Skyrim, because it was too streamlined and simple. To me the best Elder Scrolls game will always be Morrowind.

    As for a popular game I don't like, Super Hot. I got it recently in a bundle and I can't seem to get into it, I certainly don't get what the fuss is about.
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  5. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    You can't mod an Xbox 360. I wish I could, believe me.

    I agree with you on the level system. It's just so weird and complex and I hate it. I like simple skill systems that are still flexible, like Skyrim's. Like seriously, why is Acrobatics even a skill?
  6. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Compared to 2014 games? Well, of course it is, it's a very early title in X360 library, and it came from an era where PS2 was still a supported console. Compare the game to many other 2006 releases, from Bully to Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and you'll see that it's actually one of the better-looking games of the year.
    (Skill system is a legitimate complaint, though - not the one I agree with, since I kinda like the thing, but yeah, it's divisive)
  7. Cloudyhue

    Cloudyhue Certified Fuzzbutt

    Well yeah, it was good for its time, but now it's doesn't hold up as much as it did back then. It's really just personal preference.
  8. septango

    septango ᴓᴥᴓ

    overwatch, or any blizzard game really

    too over designed yet generic visually usually, and genres I dont care for
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  9. Wolf-Snipe

    Wolf-Snipe Member

    Any RTS game for the "rule" more APM the better and because i suck at those honestly, but these games are just boring in my opinion.
    Any fighting....except of Tekken franchise which got the most enjoyable fighting system which got sense.
    Modern FPS games, where the hell are projectile based enemies, where are pickups, where the fuck is "complex" level design, what the hell with "atificial difficulty" in every game like that.
  10. StolenMadWolf

    StolenMadWolf resident Lab Wolf

    This is going to be a big one.

    *takes a breath*

    Witcher III: Wild Hunt.


    *takes a deeper breath*

    Because it was so damn boring.
  11. MoguMoguArt

    MoguMoguArt Your local rattie

    Actually i've tried Undertale but i'm bad at those types of games so i basically rage quit at the Napstablook fight
  12. Wolf-Snipe

    Wolf-Snipe Member

    Fair enough
    Generally those type of games can be boring.
  13. Wolf-Snipe

    Wolf-Snipe Member

    I know that feeling....honestly i haven't played Quake Champions (yet), but from what i saw...just kinda dont speaks to me.
    Got same "issue" as you, but with that difference that my stardards lies in Quake 3
  14. ilexdusk

    ilexdusk Stinky but Kawaii ;3

    Same... that and multiplayer just doesn't really appeal to me anymore. Forever a loner T-T
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  15. Lcs

    Lcs Well-Known Member

    Just thought of some other games to add onto my earlier post:

    Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3, Sonic Generations and FTL: Faster Than Light
  16. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Gonna pick up and try New Vegas again. i got it on release day and was reeeeeally disappointed with it. Everyone else seemed to love it but i just couldn't get into it. Maybe now that there's MORE THAN ENOUGH mods out there i might be able to fix all the problems i had with it.

    i want more RPGs like Morrowind where your character learns by doing rather than just killing. it makes no sense when you can pour endless experience points into a school or skill your character has never or rarely done. For instance, in Fallout3 and Vegas, despite having never even jiggled the doornob, my character can buff their lockpick skill to master level by murdering things. What?! How does that work?! -And how does stomping on cockroaches make my hand grenades stronger???
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  17. Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs

    Ieatcrackersandjumpcliffs Fighter of the Nightman

    Dark Souls.

    I can't get into it. I hear a lot of fans including my boyfriend say "it's meant to be hard! >:3 Such a grind." I am tempted to say it might be a PR tactic to cover for game flaws
  18. Tavelius

    Tavelius New Member

    I'm a huge Dark Souls fanboy, I even purchased a used ps4 to play bloodborne, but I agree. The second one especially was marketed around being too hard, and in the game itself there are a lot of reused ideas from the first one, and most of the difficult parts are accomplished by throwing more enemies at you, and multi-creature bosses, which is rather cheap. The first Dark Souls barrier of entry is rather steep, and the PC port is crap, but in the second and third ones the learning curve is manageable and the combat more fast paced and fluid, and magic isn't a chore. When recommending the franchise I say go for the second or third one, but the first one will always have a special place in my heart. <3
  19. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    Eh... the experience point system is relatively minor compared to what came up in later Bethesda IPs. What immediately comes to mind are the absurd number of "quality of life" perks in both Skyrim and Fallout 4 that are solely there to make things easier at higher levels, rather than to allow you to do something that wouldn't otherwise be possible strictly through game mechanics.

    Fortunately, that's what mods are for.
  20. noxnogatabah

    noxnogatabah New Member

    I can't get into most FPSs in general. A lot of modern Military Guy Shooties Things games just don't look interesting to me, especially ones that look wayyyy too much like CoD. CoD's alright, though. If I ever do play FPSs, though, it's usually the old Dooms, Turok, Time Splitters, and Perfect Dark.
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