Games everyone seems to love, but you just couldn't get into.

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Beatle9, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. redhusky

    redhusky Active Member

    Depression Quest, I just couldn't get into it.
  2. Gaitsu

    Gaitsu Active Member

    When I was growing up, all my friends were hooked on Final Fantasy 8 (Shadowed by 7, but I enjoyed that one). At the time, I wasn't as big on sci fi as I am now, and I just couldn't get into the semi modern/futuristic aspect of it. I ended up playing it all the way to the final boss (Never beat it), and thought the space bit was kinda cool, but overall, that game was just an endless drain of my time when I could have been playing better games, like Legend of Dragoon.
  3. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    The Hitman - the series I desperately want to love, but just can't. The only good entry is probably Blood Money, which is genuinely one of the greatest stealth games in history; all the others are flawed in various unpleasant ways. Codename 47 is more of a clunky shooter with stealth stapled on; Silent Assassin and Contracts are absurdly hard, with disguises being close to useless (everything can blow your cover, from being around the guards for 2-3 seconds to, well, just running) and AI acting in random manner; Absolution was dumbed down to the point of killing all the reasons to play Hitman games in the first place (that is, open map and an ability to plan your hits in lots of ways); and the 2016 reboot, while trying to return to the acclaimed Blood Money formula, was ruined by its "episodic" distribution. A rare case of one incredibly brilliant game in the series being surrounded by unpolished or misguided entries. Play Blood Money if you haven't already, avoid anything else unless you're into this kind of games.

    Depression Quest was overhyped by the press, but hardly beloved. If I remember correctly, it was one of the reasons for the whole GamerGate thing - people accused game journalists of hyping it due to supposedly having some less-than-professional connections with creator, Zoe Quinn. General consensus is that's a very mediocre visual novel that tries to justify itself by trying to tackle a difficult topic - but games like The Cat Lady or even Silent Hill 2 (which deal with theme of depression in much more sophisticated and complex way) already make Depression Quest severely obsolete.
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  4. I dunno theres loads.

    Oh, Dark Souls!
    I understand theyre good, but theyre very grim for me. No music or anything ;(
  5. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Eh? Dark Souls has some of the greatest music in last decade of video games or so - it's not constant, but when it plays, it's fantastic.
  6. ellaerna

    ellaerna Sass Master

    Don't worry. I feel like the majority of people suck at Dark Souls.
    I've played all three games and every single DLC and I'm still really bad at it.
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  7. Dongding

    Dongding The sheep

    It's hard but the PVP is so fun. So many builds/weapon fighting styles to choose from with godly hitbox detection.

    I made a rolling parry/backstab archer. Just harass with weak ass arrows the whole fight (30-60 damage roughly with composite bow) and do dodge shots when you can bait an attack for a free hit. They start getting impatient and R1 spamming then you switch to parrying.

    That strategy falls apart with ganks. You can still do rolling shots and parries but it gets much riskier when there's a second player punishing anything less than perfect execution.

    The harassment value for this build is so fun if you can keep distance between you and your target using DS3's ample scenery and a few select spells/miracles... you know which ones...
  8. MinhtheMage

    MinhtheMage Closet Furry

    Paladins. I guess I'm a bit biased because I play Overwatch pretty much every spare minute I get, but something about Paladins is really boring to me.
  9. coldbrew

    coldbrew Actually drinks coldbrew now.

    Final Fantasy: except for War of the Lions, I can't seem to get myself interested in the series. Looks pretty, sure, but the designs never resonated with me enough, and I never really liked JRPGs so...Imma continue listening to friends rave about it instead :/

    Kingdom Hearts: tried it on the PS2. Quit not even an hour into the first act. Same for the DS one; I didn't even make it past the tutorial. I think I got bored XD *gets butchered by fans*

    GTA, Watchdogs 2: It's probably the jokes and satire that's too on the nose for me, I guess. It's frigging detailed and amazing, but the sandbox gets boring after a me a bore, but I don't like spending time blowing up stuff and doing stunts when I can explore prettier fantasy open worlds in games like Witcher, Borderlands, Far Cry, Fallout and others instead.
  10. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. How are turn based rpgs fun? I gave a pass to Earthbound because of it's unconventional twist on Turn Based combat and it's general charm. Conversely, I can't get the appeal of Undertale, it's a Earthbound facsimile with light bullet hell mechanics fused with traditional turn based rpg mechanics. It's not innovative and it's not particularly fun.

    I suppose I'm kind of bored with Modern gaming in general (excluding Dark Souls) that was until I played Cuphead. A game that remembered it's supposed to be a game, fancy that! Cuphead was the best thing to happen to gaming in years.
  11. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    Depends on how they're implemented. I'm personally fond of it being integrated with a strategy element that literally offers new and interesting angles of attack, if my love of XCOM is any indication.
  12. NerdyMunk

    NerdyMunk Only a Book Smart Nerd

    I can't get into Destiny again - I liked the randomness of getting a unique roll of a gun that I tried out, but from what I understand random rolls are gone and fixed rolls are there, and they said that fixed rolls are there because they can change perks on the guns easier, yet they did change random perks with shotguns in Destiny 1 with removing the shot package.
    I've played the beta and did not enjoy the slow and barren PVE strike and didn't want to hold on that at first, yet watching more gameplay only confirmed my suspicions, and I'm not a fan, so no to Destiny 2.
    Though I did just play the Battlefront II Beta and my body is ready for that.
  13. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Only tried COD once. I hated how easy it was for your character to die. I can't stand how popular the series is.
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  14. Crimcyan

    Crimcyan Another fucking wolf

    Minecraft, tried it a few time only lasted 5 minutes untill i would get bored out of my mind. I also never understood how people could watch youtubers to play it too.
  15. Rant

    Rant Haters Gonna Hate

    Overwatch. At it's core it's just another fps and I've never liked them. I can handle games like fallout and uncharted because there's freedom and your not required to use a gun for everything.
  16. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    I can see reasons to dislike Minecraft, but it's really not the kind of game you dig in for 5 minutes to check if it's good or not. Despite the reputation of a "kids game", there's a pretty big learning curve involved - how to craft, where to mine, what to do on the first day, how to survive the night without getting your ass blown by a creeper, not to mention farming, alchemy, trading, and all that stuff. The real fun begins once you get all the basics - the game is all about creating your own fun, so once you get all the tools in your head to do just that, you'll be too pre-occupied to get bored .u.
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  17. Crimcyan

    Crimcyan Another fucking wolf

    I was a kid when this game came out, all my friends were into it lmao. I tried it on my friends account which had alot stuff already on it and i still couldn't get into the game. Its just i couldn't really find a point to continue playing it. I was playing it alongside little big planet at the time (which is also a creative game) and I just found little big planet a much better game and stuck with it instead of minecraft.
    But I do have alot of respect for notch for creating minecraft and getting it to where it is now
  18. Rimna

    Rimna Far from the madding crowd

    The Zelda series. I don't get what the hype is all about. I gave some of them a shot, ranging from NES to n64 but I got bored very fast.
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  19. AkuroZinnui

    AkuroZinnui Femboy Music producer, at your service~

    Call of Duty. Literally any of them. I can stand it once I just start and need to get used to the guns, but once i get the right settings and I find a gun I like, I end up getting insane K: D:As every game and I get bored. I don't see the appeal of those games. maybe it's the power fantasy behind them
  20. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    I'd argue the same for other sandbox builder games like Space Engineers.
  21. KimberVaile

    KimberVaile Edgy teenage apathy.

    Agree, on Overwatch, Minecraft and Cod. Why are these games so popular? Why are shooters so popular still rather? They've been run into the ground with how little variation they put into the game.
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  22. -..Legacy..-

    -..Legacy..- Sergal Mafia :P

    Shooters are popular, because you can drop in for a few minutes and roll out. I remember playing in tournaments for Novalogic's Delta Force Land Warrior, and Joint Operations. Our entire squad was within our real unit, and our actual training laid out some of the most epic ragequits known to mankind.

    Everyone else was playing in thier fantasyland, and we're over here like: "We do this everyday without the ability to respawn lol."
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  23. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Here's my main grievance to air with the whole FPS genre. The whole "21st century/war on terror" theme has been completely run into the ground. I think a game where you'd fight in Korea in 1952 or Vietnam in 1969 would be really interesting. But, all of these games have to be set today or in the near future. Hell, even WWI and WWII would be a fun thing to try.
  24. Lea.Tigris

    Lea.Tigris My toaster sucks..


    I just can't get into it. It got over-hyped and made out to be something far greater then it actually was/is.
  25. Pipistrele

    Pipistrele Smart batto!

    Shooters are popular because of making for the most dynamic-yet-complex PVP experience - they're perfect for multiplayer gaming, and, well, multiplayer gaming is thriving nowadays :D

    Minecraft is popular because of its universal appeal - kids can play it because there's no sex or violence, adults can enjoy it because it's complex; slow-paced players can dig into building and farming, fast-paced players can explore dungeons and smack everything with a sword; casual players can just play it to walk around and look at pretty biomes, hardcore players can try and make all sorts of crazy stuff (like computers or space shuttles); etc, etc. There's just something for everyone, and that broad range makes it so popular. The only thing that baffled me at first is how it's popular around children, but that makes sense too in context - again, no blood and gore, and aside of Oregon Trail, it's probably the closest to make you learn stuff (especially when it comes to redstone - some heavy logic involved) while actually being entertaining. I'm kinda happy so many kids prefer stuff like Minecraft and Terraria, rather than CoD and GTA (like it was a decade ago).
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