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Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Zippo, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Zippo

    Zippo Banned

    Sure the games now adays are pretty, but what kind of rig do you run them on? Here is a place to List your true specs giving your current level of hardware to play them on, your machine's specs that is. Here are mine, heh, not to boast or anything ^^:

    Video Card) Ati All in Wonder PCIe 16X X1900XT (256bit/MB)
    Sound Card) Soundblaster X-FI Platinum w/drive bay 7.1 THX
    CPU) Pentium Dual Core 4.10 Ghz (overclocked 20%) Socket T 775
    MB) ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe 945P 775
    RAM) 2.0GB (4GB capible) PC6300
    1066Mhz FSB
    2x NEC DVD/RW Drives
    20 in 1 Drive bay Device, fan control, temps, card readers, etc
    3.25 Floppy Drive
    Danger Den 1/2 OD Tubed Liquid cooling system, copper blocks on GPU,CPU, FSB Chipset, 120MM raidator.
    Transparent Licite case from (gullwing case)
    Transparent 550W PSU w/blue lit fans
    UV Case lighting
    Aluminum blue LED front fan w/lazer-cut steel biohazard fan grill, aluminum power/reset buttons
    - update - 4x 250GIG (1 EIDE, 3SATA) and 1x 200GIG (SATA) hard drives. (All Western Digital = 1.2TB)
    USB KB and Logitec optical mouse, Genius WizardPen 5x4 Tablet (for pornz)

    One 21" CTR and one 19" CRT monitors, dual monitor system
    Harman Kardon 7.1 Channel (100w/ch.) AVR320 Reciever (5.1 Utilized)
    HDTV cable box (Scientific Atlantia Explorer 3250HD)
    Powered 180W subwoffer
    100W speakers for all 5 channles
    Logitec Quickcam pro 3000
    N64 Adaptoid Adaptor (
    PS2/GC/DC usb adaptor
    A closet full of other wires, puter crap and enough parts to make several working machines but im lazy.
    Sorted top-of-monitor buddies.
    Desktop Picture: (taken before 5th recent HD)

    -new- System can be seen here:

    I got alot of other crap around here, but thats my primary machine's true specs. I have upgraded to pcie16 gfx cardwhich im bery happy with for now. :3

  2. Bokracroc

    Bokracroc Bokra, come out to pla-ay

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    P.4 2.80gHz
    128mb 'Powercolor' ATI Radeon 9200SE
    512 SD RAM
    17" Inch LCD Acer insert gibberish here monitor
    80gig HDD
    CD/DVD Burner combo thingy
    All USB ports are USB2.

    Thats all I know about it at the moment (I got it three days ago.)
  3. Silver R. Wolfe

    Silver R. Wolfe Wuffamute Extraordinaire!

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    CPU)AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 2.0Ghz processor (Socket 939)
    GPU)eVGA Nvidia Geforce 7900GT (256/MB)'
    MB)Asus A8N-SLI
    RAM)2GB DDR400 (PC3200) Corsair Value Select
    BenQ DVD/RW Drive (with Solid Burn technology)
    Stock Heatsinks and fans
    ENERMAX Glossy Black Mid-Tower ATX Case
    250GB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD

    Dell 19" CRT
    Dell 15" CRT
    Dell 2.1 Speakers
    PS2 USB adapter

    I didn't list all the lights and whistles my comp has, as they're not really important. I also don't use any after market cooling devices since I do not overclock.
  4. Span_Wolf

    Span_Wolf Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 motherboard
    AMD 64x2 4400+ CPU
    2 gigs RAM
    300gig HDD
    Nvidia 7900 GT
    Audigy 2 ZS Soundcard
    BFG 650w power supply
    All metal Quantum case with digital readouts and 7 case fans
    22" Samsung 16:10 Widescreen Flatpannel monitor
  5. Myr

    Myr Big Dragon

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2
    2.0 GHz Intel Pentium M 760 (2MB L2 cache; single core)
    2GB DDR3 533MHz Dual Channel RAM
    256MB GDDR3 PCIexpress Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 Ultra (handpicked due to problems)
    60GB 7200RPM Hitachi Internal Hard Drive
    80GB 7200RPM Western Digital Firewire Optional External Hard Drive
    17 inch Samsung LCD Panel @ 1920x1200 and 16ms Response Time (handpicked due to problems on LG screens)
    Philips CDRW/DVD Drive
    Highest available capacity battery at 1.5 hours maximum load and 2.5 hours minimum load
    2 Internal Fans
    2 Optional External Fans via USB
    802.11abg Intel Wireless Card
    Sony MDR-NC6 Active Powered Headphones

    It's about a year and a half old now and I got a good deal on it and was able to hand pick the LCD. I've also taken this machine apart to learn about its insides since it's a laptop and not as easy to work on as a desktop PC. It's on a custom install of XP Pro with custom power, display, and a bunch of other settings and configurations because I hate things that bloat up the system and I hate it when colors don't display properly. :p

    I'd really like to upgrade to a Sager/Clevo with dual core and dual GPU's, but this Dell does the job and I got a great warranty for almost free so this thing will be around for quite some time. It also scores right around 5,000 in 3DMark2005. I would probably never buy a Dell again though. :p Too many hassles, misrepresentations, poor support, and problems. It's really bad when the graphics card is broken, Dell claims it works fine, and finally caves under pressure. It's also bad when they misrepresent the actual power and speed of the system in order hype it to be better than what it actually is. And then cheap ass screens like the ones I originally got....ugh X_X

    Don't buy a Dell. :p They've gone up and price and aren't worth it.
  6. Bokracroc

    Bokracroc Bokra, come out to pla-ay

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    Same goes for HP. Their Tech Support goes as far as "Download/Use the Recovery Disk" :roll: :evil::evil:
  7. Suule

    Suule Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    What gaming machine? I use my PCs for work *G*
  8. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    Here's my three uber-godlike rigs:
    AMD Athlon 3800 X2 939
    2X eVGA GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB in SLI config
    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
    4GB Kingston HyperX DDR400 RAM
    Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Music
    Klipsch Promedia THX 4.1 Surround Sound Speakers
    2X WD Raptor 74GB 10K RPM in RAID 0
    2X WD Caviar 320GB 7.2K RPM in RAID 0
    2X 16X Sony DVD-R Dual-layer Burners.
    Primary Monitor: 32" Viewsonic N3250 HD TV 1366x768
    Secondary Monitor: NEC LCD1770V 1280x1024
    Razer Diamondback Plasma Gaming Mouse
    Enermax Liberty 620 PSU
    Thermaltake Shark (Black) case.

    2X AMD Opteron 248 940 Processorss
    2X eVGA nVidia Quadro 3450 256MB in SLI config
    Supermicro H8DCE Opteron SLI Workstation Motherboard
    8GB Corsair XMS ECC DDR400 RAM
    2X WD Raptor 74GB 10K RPM in RAID 0
    2X WD Caviar 320GB 7.2K RPM in RAID 0
    Primary Monitor: Wacom Cintiq 21UX 1600x1200
    Secondary Monitor: Viewsonic VP930B 1280x1024
    Razer Pro Gaming Mouse
    Supermicro 650PSU
    Thermaltake Euraka Server Case

    Alienware m7700 Gaming Laptop w/ 17" 1440x900 LCD Display
    Pentium 4 3.4Ghz
    Nvidia GeForce 6800 Go Ultra
    3GB Patriot RAM
    2x 80GB Hitachi HDs in Raid 0
    Razer Pro Gaming Mouse

    2X 300GB Maxtor External Backup Drives

    - - - - -

    Don't even get me started on computers. I live to build, tweak, produce. If you think the GeForce 7900 GTXs were expensive ($600 each) then the pricetag on a Quadro 3450 will give you a heartattack. Each one cost $1,200 each.

    I am a tech geek JUNKIE!
  9. Zippo

    Zippo Banned

    RE:  Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    I knew this was the thread for ya ^^ Your power bill must be a bitch and a half. Nice setup there, and as you, I live to build, I make a good living out of it too serving small business and residential locally, sometimes travelign ti LA for righ clients there thatll pay a little more for my services. One think ppl like there is custom, custom, custom.

    As for the Dell/HP/compaq/etc, they are all cookie-cutter garbage as far as im conserned, I can build a machine, better one, for half their retail price and it turns my client base to it in droves, I feel sorry for ppl that have to settle for a cheapo :3

  10. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    Honestly, that's all some people need. Businesses and home users. I don't hate Dell, but I don't like them either. Some of ther ultra-low end PCs are hellishly good deals (so long as you don't upgrade them through Dell).

    Dell's prices on memory and harddrives are outrages.

    It really boils down to what you need out of a PC. Most people can't program a VCR, and building a computer would be building a bridge to them. So, Dell kind of helps them out in affordable rigs in that respect.

    Then again, these are the same people that never upgrade their security patches, get viruses, become zombies and make spyware companies and Nigerians mega-profits. I used to feel bad for people like that, but nowadays I just call it the "Idiot Tax". Sorta mean, but... really, if neophyte computer users fail to educate themselves on the proper use of their box and read security warnings that are flashed daily on the news, it's nobody's fault but their own.
  11. Myr

    Myr Big Dragon

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    My experience was "the servers are crashing; it's not your computer!" Yeah, you don't tell that to someone who is experienced on unreal engine game development. What a #$^&%$@# idiot. And then there was the guy who said "I think you're missing a driver". I'm not some computer newbie. I know I'm not missing a driver. I have now learned to lie my ass off and tell those tech support idiots exactly what they're supposed to listen for (which was written by business people and not tech people). Argh! It's much easier that way.

    I'm not big enough into computers anymore to really let this get to me or try to stay up on top of things. Computers are too expensive, and dragons like me don't get along with technology all that well even though it generally behaves around me and I've built systems for money many times. :p I just want a portable system that can do everything, not necessarily at the highest quality. Too bad you can't build laptops yet easily. I went from a custom built powerful desktop (4 years ago) to a top of the line laptop (1 year ago) and never looked back.
  12. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    I do that when it comes to returns, warranties or tech support. It's gotten to the point where if you don't illustrate to them the single worst possible scenario they'll try to find a fix for it and go through all the proper steps of troubleshooting. Problem is, when yer a tech ninja, you KNOW it's dead... but they have to do their routine.

    Unfortunately, that wastes days/hours and only gives headaches in the end.
  13. Silver R. Wolfe

    Silver R. Wolfe Wuffamute Extraordinaire!

    RE:     Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    My least favourite experiences come from Dell tech support. Worst customer service I've ever had the misfortune to call.
  14. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    The two times I had to call Alienware support I had the single best service I've ever had in my life. Prompt, fast, accurate.
  15. Silver R. Wolfe

    Silver R. Wolfe Wuffamute Extraordinaire!

    RE:       Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    I had to call Dell because one of our family computers is a Dell...

    All our other PCs I built myself. Most are just standard machines, though two of them have decent gaming power.
  16. Myr

    Myr Big Dragon

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    Good thing you've not had to explain to a Dell person that a Windows install is not the most stressfull thing that can be done to a computer and because it can display every color and every bit of text right doesn't mean it can do 3d graphics without crashing. I had to run the DirectX diagnostic a couple of times and wait for my system to crash and then come back on the phone with "I told ya so!". I missed a couple of classes trying to straighten out my $2,000+ purchase and then the pricing debacle that followed.

    No more Dell for me. No more pricing games with the other big box people either. :p It's either custom or wait for the right Clevo/Sager model next time.
  17. Zippo

    Zippo Banned

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    This thread was supposed to be for posting your machine specs, not a "this computer is bad" bitch fest. *ahem* Can we clear the nonsense please? thanks.

  18. yak

    yak Administrator Staff Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    i hate you XD you just killed the very last remains of my self-esteem. not really, hahaha....

    not to be offtopic, so... (i..feel..outdated.... for some reason :p)

    Athlon XP 1800+
    256 DDR233
    GeForce MX440
    WDC 200GB
    Maxtor 40GB
    17' LiteON monitor (1024x768@80Hz)

    PIII 800Mhz
    256 DIMM133
    20Gb samsung 5400
    Trident Cyberblade Ai1 8M shared

    and i dare to call my pc a gaming machine and my notebook a virtual library. my requerements are humble thou.. an hour of CS a day, and a few good fantasy books a month (not including technical literature every day).
    Oh, but i do so wish to play Black & White 2. I waited 2 years for this game.. And i can't :(
    At least Nick Perumov released another sequel to his story :) Whoppedy doo, i got something good to read. :p
  19. xsv

    xsv Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    1). Main Rig - "Alphabox" (FreeBSD 6.0/XP Professional)
    -Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
    -Athlon X2 4800+ @ 3.3Ghz, phase cooled.
    -2GB 2.5-3-3-4 DDR400
    -2x Voltmodded 7800GT @ 615/1480 (256MB)
    -Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Audio (Can't beat the SNR for the price...)
    -2x 250GB SATA2 HDs RAID 0
    -Plextor PX-716SA

    2). Secondary Rig - "Betabox" (FreeBSD 6.0)
    -Pentium 4 1.3Ghz @ 1.5Ghz
    -512MB RDRAM
    -Geforce FX 5200 Ultra (128MB)
    -60GB ATA-133 HD
    -18.9GB WFSCSI-2 HD

    3). Laptop - "Gammabox" (OSX 10.4.6)
    -PowerPC G4 1.5Ghz @ 1.7Ghz
    -1.256GB DDR333
    -Geforce FX 5200 Go! (64MB)
    -60GB ATA-133 HD

    They're not the absolute best of the best, but they're pretty damn close and they make me plenty happy, so I won't be upgrading any time soon. :)

    I have several other PCs but they're not really worth listing; (VPN Host, Domain Server, Web Server.).

    All of these machines are running through a modified APC Smart-UPS 5000 (that I got 'broken' from work and then 'fixed' ;) ) @ 4500VA (3375 watt) output, wired through 10 gauge underground wire to a bay of 8 800CA Truck-size batteries in my basement wired in parallel.

    It's ghetto, but it will run all of my systems for around 28 hours straight with no outside input whatsoever.

    I have three LCDs, a 21 inch widescreen and a 17 inch connected to Alphabox, and another 17 inch connected to Betabox.

    Sound is fed into a vintage Kenwood KA-31 Amp (120 watts RMS output per channel) with JL-620W floor standing speakers for the 'front' output, and a Creative i-Trigue i3300 system for the 'rear' output.

    Ingress/Egress filtering and bandwidth querying is handled via an OpenBSD 3.5 Box on my 5.0/384 Cable connection, Internal routing and wireless access is handled via a Linksys WRT54G with OpenWRT installed, coupled with a 24 port gigabit managed switch.

    All of my computers, including my laptop and server are on a 2048 bit RSA encrypted VPN with 256 bit AES ciphers and TLS Handshaking so I can access anything from anywhere very securely.

    My WLAN is WPA2-RADIUS encrypted, the OpenBSD box also being my RADIUS server.

    I know most of this has nothing to do with gaming but oh well. :p

    Before anyone asks, I'm a hopeless nerd and I have no life. ;.;
  20. Silver R. Wolfe

    Silver R. Wolfe Wuffamute Extraordinaire!

    RE:   Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    Black and White 2 is a good game. I enjoyed it, but it is very demanding on a computer. Mine plays it, but it hiccups now and then. IMO, my computer plays Oblivion better than it plays Black and White 2 sometimes.
  21. Dragoneer

    Dragoneer Administrator Staff Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    It'll get back on track. :)
  22. Stillman

    Stillman Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    My rig's three years old, but still holds its own as a medium-end gaming rig.

    Pentium IV 2.4 ghz
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! (...glitchy lately)
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    1.5 GB RAM
    60 GB Hard Drive, internal (RIP, 6/07)
    120 GB Hard Drive, internal
    160 GB Hard Drive, external (Mac formatted, though, for school; so useless)
    48x CD-Drive (RIP, 7/07)
    24x/12x DVD/CD R-RW

    Super Generic Harmon/Kardon desktop speakers
    Logitech optical mouse
    Saitek Eclipse keyboard (huzzah)
    Princeton 17" LCD monitor
    Wacom Tablet (OMG Art)
    HP psc 1210 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier

    As you can see, I've had hard times lately.  Probably going to full upgrade after Vista comes out.
  23. Marthaen

    Marthaen Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    I have a half dozen computers tho I'll only use the ones I use on a day-to-day basis.

    Main Box:
    2x Intel Xeon(Prestonia) 1.6Ghz LV running at 3.2Ghz
    ASUS PC-DL Deluxe
    Corsair XMS 2GB DDR3200
    GeForce 6800 256MB
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
    80GB System Drive
    2x 160GB RAID 1 Array

    Secondary Box:
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+
    ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
    Corsair 1GB DDR3200
    ATI 9700 Pro 128MB
    nVidia SoundStorm
    80GB System Drive
    2x 160GB RAID 0 Array

    Dell 600m
    1.6Ghz Pentium-M
    768MB DDR Ram
    60GB HDD

    The rest of my computers range from an Athlon XP 1800+ to a Dual 933 Pentium 3 to a P2-400 Laptop
  24. tundra_arctic_wolf

    tundra_arctic_wolf aka The Furry Punisher

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    EMachines T3256

    AMD Athlon XP 3200+
    PNY GeForce 5500 8x AGP Graphics Card
    nVIDIA nForce Audio
    1.0 GB RAM
    160 GB Hard Drive
    32x/16x/8x/4x DVD/CD R-RW
    48x CD-ROM
    Digital Media Reader

    Samsung 152N 15 inch LCD Monitor
    Labtec Spin-55 Speakers
    Microsoft Intellipoint Optical Mouse
    Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
    Canon PIXMA iP 1600 Printer
    Canon CanoScan N670U Scanner
  25. xsv

    xsv Member

    RE: Gaming Machine [Your PC Specs]

    I'm glad to see someone else still uses this awesome card. :)

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