Gathering Supplies for the First Time.

Discussion in 'Fursuiting and Costuming' started by RottenAlice, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. RottenAlice

    RottenAlice New Member

    Hello! This is my first time attempting a fursuit so I have a few worries. Mostly on fur choice and what I should do, but I'm not completely in the dark since I sew cosplays and so I know my way around a sewing machine.

    Now for my question- What would be better? A Shaggy Minky Fur .5 inch pile or something like a mongolian Faun Fur 1.5'' pile.

    The fursuit im going to work on is a goat/sheep/monster-ish creature named Baby. She's the light of my life! Anyways I love the idea of soooooft fur like the Minky, but I dont know if it would look right? Or I should go with the longer pile and shave it at parts I need too?

    I know the face will be shaved/trimmed and the paws fingers will be also a shorter fur, but at the moment I'm not entirely sure.

    So I wanted to get some opinions on what I should do? Like buy a little bit of the Minky and the rest the long pile maybe?
  2. Kellan Meig'h

    Kellan Meig'h Kilted Coder

    1/2" pile is not enough to work with, unless you're happy with the look unshaved. Remember, you can always make it shorter but you can't make it longer.1
  3. RottenAlice

    RottenAlice New Member

    Oh you do have a point! Ty

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