Account Problem: Ghost Submissions, Journals FIX (Please Read!)

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  1. Kragith Zedrok

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    Known Issue:
    Any given user encounters what are know as "Ghost Submissions" and "Ghost Journals." The issue occurs when FA's counter falters. The main cause of this broken counter is nuking your content. When you stop using the nuke button all together it does not fix it permanently. You will run into the issue even by using [Check/Uncheck all] or [Global select all]. This is a reoccurring issue that is solved by the below fix, when the issue re-presents itself continue to follow this fix.

    New Found Cause of Ghost Journal and Submissions:
    I found out the cause is when someone submits something on FA (There is a lag from the submission time to the actual time it is shown in the notifications section) when a person or persons that you are watching deletes the image in this "lag" window (usually about 30-45 seconds depending on connection and traffic) then you get a ghost submission, journal. However this lag is random, I can never pin point when it will happen, but the "how" is clear.

    Past fixes: (Don't work)

    Users were told to clear cookies, reset browser history and even to sign out and in again. Users were also told to check their mature content settings. This does not solve the issue. Its old news.

    The Fix: (Follow this!)

    When nuking your content; the counter encounters an error causing: 1S 1J or even 1W 1C 1F, when there is nothing there. Take note 1N is not fixed with this.
    1. To fix this issue refrain from using the nuke button. (Nuking ultimately causes the error.)
    2. Before we begin wait for something to appear in the affected areas.
    3. Once something is in your message area you must [Checkmark] one by one or [Check/Uncheck all] For Submissions only.
    4. Now that everything is highlighted and has a checkmark click [Remove Selected] This will clear the "Ghost submission."
    5. Now for the 1J 1W 1C 1F errors. These all fall into the same page so to make things easier [Global select all] and [Globally remove selected] again the items will be highlighted and a checkmark will appear in the boxes for whats shown. This will clear the "Ghost Journals" and 1W 1C 1F. Again, wait for something to be there first, for each notification. You did for the 1S error, so do this for the 1J 1W 1C 1F errors.
    6. In order to clear 1J please wait for a corresponding 1J. 1W, 1C, 1F will clear along with the 1J notification if you have those notifications.
    7. Due to new findings this issue stems from a short random event lag point, please read BLUE text. Text in RED is older info.

    Thanks for following this fix.

    Thank you for making this sticky mod's!


    Visual provided 5/18/15

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  2. Kragith Zedrok

    Kragith Zedrok Black and Red All Day Long

    Bumping this post, it's still a hot topic.
  3. quoting_mungo

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    In the interest of having this topic not fall off into obscurity... bump!
  4. Kalmor

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    I'm going to go ahead and sticky it for you. :p
  5. AlciyaDragonash

    AlciyaDragonash New Member

    okay, followed these instructions, and STILL have a ghost journal on my account... >_<
  6. Kragith Zedrok

    Kragith Zedrok Black and Red All Day Long

    Are you waiting for a new journal then hitting chech uncheck all, then Remove selected? If your using nuke you aren't doing it correctly. You must wait for each section to obtain a new Journal or Submission. They don't coexist in the same "folder" so each thing is dependent on each other. The journals (notifications) or Submissions section. Let me know if you are still having trouble. I will be happy to assist with what I can do.
  7. AlciyaDragonash

    AlciyaDragonash New Member

    proiblem was fixed. needed another journal. the way i'd read the instructions was that if you got a commetn, watch, or fav you coudl use that to clear the journal, but that didn't work for me... needed another journal. but problem solved.
  8. Kragith Zedrok

    Kragith Zedrok Black and Red All Day Long

    Ok, I clarified step 5 and 6. This should be much clearer now. I do apologize for not making that clear to begin with.
  9. Kragith Zedrok

    Kragith Zedrok Black and Red All Day Long

    This thread has now been updated with new details.

    Edits made on 11/22/14
  10. ShiverZ

    ShiverZ New Member

    Hey there!

    I don't seem to be having problem with ghost submissions, but a friend of mine tried to join recently and says his username and password don't seem to work.
    He received the validation e-mail and such, but nothing is working for him.
    Any ideas what he should do?
    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post, if so, please direct me to the right place. Thanks!
  11. MikeCanis

    MikeCanis New Member

    I stupidly forgot to look @ the stickied posts prior to posting about this exact issue, thanks for posting it and I will try this when I can.
  12. Brallion

    Brallion New Member

    I've got the issue showing me one note more than I actually have. When I've read all my notes, I still see a 1N. Any idea how to clear this?
  13. Brallion

    Brallion New Member

    I fixed it. ^_^ To clear a ghost note, select a single note by checking it. Click "Archive" and then click "Restore." It clears out the ghost note.
  14. BayouBaby

    BayouBaby Hoarder of Art Supplies and Books

    Duly noted. I need to stop hitting nuke so I can get rid of this ghost journal I have.
  15. Kragith Zedrok

    Kragith Zedrok Black and Red All Day Long

    Bumping this thread for those who have this issue due to the recent down time of FA.
  16. Kragith Zedrok

    Kragith Zedrok Black and Red All Day Long

    Please wait for each 1J 1S 1W to appear first before you try this!
  17. Asia Neko

    Asia Neko Main Site AUP Admin Staff Member

    For those of you who do better with visuals, this was made previously. It may make it easier to have it in front of you.
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  18. SSJ3Mewtwo

    SSJ3Mewtwo Administrator Staff Member

    General notice: The Nuke feature is going to be temporarily disabled while the database catches up with the restoration. This is to keep the ghost submissions issue from being compounded. An update will be posted when it is reactivated.
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