Girlfriends and how to makings them.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kezi Avdiivka, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Mein Gott

    IF it is wanted, I can do an extensive(and serious) dating guide.. But only IF. And only IF I can be assed to do so. :p

    It will be a universal dating guide, but you will also have to take into mind context and who/what you are dating/intend to date/ask out.
  2. Sergei Sóhomo

    Sergei Sóhomo Well-Known Member

    The entire thread is a joke
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  3. JumboWumbo

    JumboWumbo Banned in two states.

  4. stimpy

    stimpy you're not using Windows XP?

    DON'T TRY THIS!!!!1!1!1!!!! It gave my computer a virus!!!!1!!1!1!1!!!!1!!!1!!1!!!1!111!! [​IMG]
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  5. PlusThirtyOne

    PlusThirtyOne What DOES my username mean...?

    Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. WAiT!
    Did you post this thread with this video first or did i? Cuzz if so, that was entirely coincidental! LOL
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  6. Kezi Avdiivka

    Kezi Avdiivka Active Member

    Also I posted it first lol, I thought you had gotten it from me so I didn't say anything.
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  7. Mandragoras

    Mandragoras Inept Abecedarian

    This thread is mainly scary because people exist who think this shit.

    It's funny for roughly the same reasons.
  8. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    The funny thing about this thread is it's mostly true. Girls want to have someone they can rely on. Thus they go for guys of equal or higher intelligence and emotional evolved guys who they can relate to and comunicate with so much of a facial expression.
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  9. Come on, someone's gotta make the how to get a boyfriend tutorial right? ;)
  10. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    I really don't think it THAT complicated, Kezi. There's no way that I'm speaking for all women out there, but I only really care about two things. 1: Be a nice, respectful person. And, 2: If you don't like furries and/or are creeped out by them, then we have nothing more to talk about. Hope this makes things clearer. :)
  11. Rykhoteth


    I think you're making it too complicated. Just wait for the local witchdoctor to have a sale on curses and get creative. Stay away from any potions or spells with "love" in the title since those are marked up just like the wedding tax.

    The traditional mating dances still work pretty good. The three surefire ones I'd recommend are: chugging a pint while singing "Be a man", or doing a no-death no-bonfire SL1 Darksouls speedrun, or hosting a BBQ while debating Star Trek.
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  12. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox Well-Known Member

    If only you knew how hard I'm laughing right now.
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  13. Wither

    Wither Is honestly confused by life.

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  14. WolfNightV4X1

    WolfNightV4X1 King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy

    You guys do realize satire exists as a way to dispel and mock how some people associate in reality, and this in particular mocks the way people associate female matchmaking works?

    I think sometime people miss the overall picture when they look at things
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  15. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    press F to get gf.
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  16. msgrandpabacon

    msgrandpabacon Active Member

    Press F5 if you don't like the one you got by pressing F.
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  17. estiniens

    estiniens stargazer

    did y'all know you can alt+f4 to get a gf too?
    should try, especially the people questioning this guy's advice. it works every time for me.
  18. This has gotten too extreme for me
  19. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Mein Gott

    How to get a girlf(r)iend: Summon Satan and ask him to give you one.

    Question is, I am not sure if I want a girlf(r)iend if I have to give up my soul, if it exist.. :p
  20. msgrandpabacon

    msgrandpabacon Active Member

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