Greeting the Newbies.

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Nylak, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Nylak

    Nylak Angry Otter

    Okay, all you longtime FAFers, listen up, because this is for you!

    We love it when you stop by and say hi to the new guys. Help make them feel welcome, give some advice, the whole shebang. But please keep in mind that it is not your job to try and terrify the hell out of them, or harass them into immediately leaving the forum just because they aren't acclimatized to the nature of the community yet.

    Instead of criticizing and gnawing on the new guy who's made a FAF faux pas, try instead to give a few friendly suggestions. Or, better yet, LEAVE THE THREAD ALONE AND GO ON ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.

    Thank you, and have a pleasant day. :]
  2. Xegras

    Xegras Peerat

    Does this mean no pitchforks?
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  3. Nylak

    Nylak Angry Otter

    That's exactly what it means.
  4. Xegras

    Xegras Peerat


    What do i do with the 300 i just ordered then? D:
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  5. Nylak

    Nylak Angry Otter

    Sell em to a farmer, cause we don't need em around here. >:[
  6. Schwimmwagen

    Schwimmwagen Active Member

    I know 300 spartan lads who'll take them.

    Yeah, I stand by Nylak. :v
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  7. Icky

    Icky is the prettiest pony~

    So what about CannonFodder's sticky right below this? Seems like all that it's there for is to scare the newbs with a wall of stupid "rules".
  8. Xegras

    Xegras Peerat

    Its a new challenge!

    You have to scare them without actually posting!

    Quick work on your intimidating faces!
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  9. Nylak

    Nylak Angry Otter

    Like anyone actually ever reads the rules.
  10. Tycho

    Tycho Active Member


  11. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    Nylak, once again you show how visciously evil you are. You want this place to have a whiny, furfaggy userbase to make it a living hell for both them and us D:

    Suddenly I don't think I ever read the one about harrasing users. I guess I don't have to mind it either? :3c
  12. Willow

    Willow *honks la cucaracha horn*

    So does this mean I can't post my creepy RP ad anymore? :(

    Though sometimes newbies totally disregard legit advice and take it as an attack, and this is where things get ugly.
    They kinda bring it upon themselves sometimes.
  13. Xegras

    Xegras Peerat

    Within 9 posts she went from "BAD FAF" to "Eh fuck it you guys dont listen anyway"
  14. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    That's FAF in a nutshell.

    Or how it's traditionally been.

    Seriously, it's not as if someone actually interested in posting will RAEGquit just because of some rough handling in the beggining. And that's not just a theory. I mean, it's not as if FAF is the same stagnant pool for a couple years now. Old posters go, new ones come, whiny furfags are chewed out nevermind when they joined. It has been as such, and hopefully will stay that way.
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  15. HyBroMcYenapants


    This will turn into furtopia in a few months.

    Fuck that
  16. Zaraphayx

    Zaraphayx Banned


    Seriously though, they'll get their baptism by fire eventually, it's not that unreasonable of a request to keep it out of the introductions threads.
  17. Browder

    Browder Wishes He could Fly

    Doubtful. You'll find other prey to be mean to. We don't mind rudeness as long as it gets a point across. However if you alienate people from a community before they even have a chance to join then you barely have a community.
  18. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    Yet the community still holds. That's because the ones that get alienated wouldn't become a worthy part of it to begin with :V

    And no, I'm not talking about being selective. I'm just talking about people being intelligent and mature enough not to give too much shit about it and just go posting. Mostly because those are the ones that at least bothered to know what the hell they're getting into, instead of just assuming "OH HEY FUR FRANDS FOREVER".
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  19. Browder

    Browder Wishes He could Fly

    But why should they go on posting if their first impression of a site is of people being dicks? Sure be dicks later if a poster is being stupid. Whatever. But if they're being stupid in an intro thread kindly correct them.
  20. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    Because they read the ACTUAL FORUMS, not just the introductions. It's not as if you're unable to browse the forums until before making an intro thread. I haven't made one and got no incorrect impression of the forums, personally. Neither here, nor on other forums.

    And you can correct someone being simply wrong, being stupid is sadly incurable as of yet :V
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  21. Cyanide_tiger

    Cyanide_tiger Shazam!

    I more or less have to agree with this thread.

    Pretty much all it's saying is this:

    Be nice to the newbies in the intro threads - think of it like the kiddie pool. Once they dive into the shark-infested waters that is the rest of FAF, THEN it's okay to rip their face off with raegposts that drives a point down their throats.

    I don't think this is an unreasonable request, really.
  22. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    I'd rather think of it as a swimming class, since I'm pretty sure no one wants children who just got their "My First Internet" kit here. :V
    And as anyone else, they can look through a window and see that the swimming instructor and more advanced classmated sometimes are dicks for shits and giggles, but ultimately won't let you drown, unless you'll be a little whiny bitch with a false sense of privilegement about it, in which case swim alone. :V

    Seriously, why do you people need to keep white knighting for newbies. As the most recent batch proved, people can hold their own goddamn ground if they only have some will to do so.
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  23. Xegras

    Xegras Peerat

    Thatch you should build a FAF Training forum and train newbies till they are ready!
  24. Thatch

    Thatch Don't vore me, bro

    I don't want to train the newbies. I don't want for them to NEED training. If they're really like aforementioned children in a kiddie pool, I think they shouldn't get on the internet at all, for both their and other users' sake. They probably have tough enough life getting constantly shoved into lockers anyway.
    And maybe Introductions wouldn't breed this drama if it was good for anything else. :V

    Ok, I think I should stop this as well, because it's getting a tad silly :V
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  25. Xavan

    Xavan New Member

    Can it just be called "friendly advice"? Though she would wear an easter suit, now would she?

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