Greeting the Newbies.

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Nylak, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. thoughtmaster

    thoughtmaster Member

    I believe this would be a better location for introductions from the newer members because that would free up some memory in the forum's server because it would not have to worry about the different areas. Also since it is most likely that no one has heard of me, well, look to the left, that is my username! It is posted automatically but you most likely already know that.
  2. deathmetalwolf

    deathmetalwolf New Member

    hey, I'm new obviously and i need advice. All my friends know I'm a furry and I'm fine with that and so are they. But the problem is that i just can't tell anyone in my family because they aren't acquainted with Internet culture. Also i have a fursona (wolf, kinda average build, into death metal, plays drums, bisexual, yada yada yada) but i can't draw. I'm terriblee at drawing and visual art in general. So I'm the only one who has a visual understanding of myself in my head. If anyone is able to help me with any of these problems, like for example, draw a fursona for me or help with my social problems it would be much appreciated. Thank you :)
  3. Shy husky

    Shy husky New Member

    Wow is all I'm going to say abour pages 2-4, I know we all have to deal with bull every now and then but that is life. As for people new to the form its basic stuff to know don't take stuff personally and toughen up and I just joined up yesterday and I know not to be put down, its not a hug box like the others said but it dosen't mean you can't be nice to people.
  4. Chyro

    Chyro Who?

    Yep, the first few pages were quite interesting.
    I probably already did things wrong:
    A little lurking - posting my introduction - more lurking.
    Should've better done lots of lurking before the intro... ^^'

    Well... feel free to throw anything you got at me on my thread...
    Quite sure I did write more than necessary, but couldn't really point out which parts.
    At least I'm now somewhat prepared what to expect. (from this as well as other threads, of course)
  5. Horny Sceptile

    Horny Sceptile Garrus Vakarian humper

    hrrm thought this was a 'newbie' thread... oh well im new please dont eat me alive.
  6. Rheumatism

    Rheumatism Well-known Weller

    New poster. Might stay a while, all depends on the community.
  7. LadyALT69

    LadyALT69 New Member

    hey I'm really new here and I'm very confused on how to post threads (please do not flame me since I'm very new here) thank you
  8. AlexStone

    AlexStone Member

    Hello to all the newbies and welcome to the fandom. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them although I have not been in the fandom as long as others so I can't say I can answer all questions but welcome to FA.
  9. SilverHowl

    SilverHowl New Member

    Hi! I'm Silver. I have been a furry for over one week now so I decided to join this forum to talk with fellow furries! Figured I'd get known first (Yes TV Tropes is another site that I belong to LOL). I'm really excited to be here!
  10. SilverHowl

    SilverHowl New Member

    BTW ignore the paw print. That is not my page. The registration said the name hadn't been taken.
  11. Big_Husky

    Big_Husky New Member

    Okay, I'll try to be nice. Lol.
  12. NaxThewolf (mike)

    NaxThewolf (mike) cookie eater

    i do XD or at least learn some of them :3
  13. Reef-Shark

    Reef-Shark New Member

    I've been on FA several years but never bothered to come to the forums x-x Hiiiiiii
  14. RaiUzuki

    RaiUzuki New Member

    Hello I'm new here and all i can is yay for funny comment to read when you come to a forum :p

    yeah cookies yeah
  15. Stray Khajiit

    Stray Khajiit New Member

    Hello i'm new and i don't really know anything about this community so can someone fill me in on the details?
  16. Hinalle K.

    Hinalle K. Banned

    that's not a khajiit.
  17. benignBiotic

    benignBiotic Banned

    As for the forums jusst make sure you follow these guidelines. Think before you post! And know that :V means sarcasm.

  18. Ward Jenson

    Ward Jenson New Member

    Yes, I am a newbie! My the sense of humor shared here is something else! Just so you know, I have had an affinity to the softness and variety of furs all my life. It started with Mom's first fur jacket and was reinforced by my Grandmother's sheared beaver coat. I found that their touch
    did something" to me, even at a very young age and I have not lost that heightend sensitivity at all. I did go "furless" for many years, however, as it was not something one could openly talk or engage with while on active military duty. I tried to share it with my wife over the years, but it just does not "get to her" in the same way it does for me.
    At any rate, I look forward to some scintillating discussion with forum members and I will jump in as I feel so led. Thanks for the invitation.
  19. mirokufox

    mirokufox New Member

    hi I'm new! (what now)
  20. Symlus

    Symlus Sophisticated Snake

    @MirokuFox: Go read the rules. Post, but be careful if you're going to post a thread. Also, go get an avatar, even if it's not furry. It'll help people recognize who's posting.

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