Greeting the Newbies.

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Nylak, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Snakeyface

    Snakeyface New Member

    Um... Hello everyone :x I am said newbie
  2. Monako

    Monako New Member

    It's a pleasure to meet you all, just like everyone else here I'm a newbie. ^ u ^
  3. Kitsu

    Kitsu New Member

    I'm new but if honestly by now you cant take some picking on, then being a furry is going to be a hard trip for ppl. Its not the easiest thing to come out and tell ppl with out them thinking stupid shit. Its the way of life and the joys of being a furry. But I wouldnt trade it in for anything. Its my life and this is how I'm going to live it. =) I am new to this site tho, so any pointers to find local furs or making friends then anyone that can help that'd be helpful. <3
  4. dronepeanut

    dronepeanut New Member

    Hi i'am dronepeanut but you can call me drone or DP. i'am glad to be here also i'am a proud furry.
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  5. Riho

    Riho Your brain cells are mine

    I'm Riho, and you punks better get in a line if you want any form of hug.
    Thats right, scumworms, I've been given permission from the voices in my head to SHAPE YOU BASTARDS UP.
    Now, first you have to learn the true way of furry.
    Go up to a random other fur and grab their crotch.
    It's how ya say hello.
  6. DarthLeopard

    DarthLeopard Has lost his Soul

    I never actually made an intro thread.....kinda feel left out:(
  7. Kiba Istus

    Kiba Istus New Member

    Hello as the title says i am introducing myself
    My name is Kiba and i am an arctic leowolf ( Leopard/wolf mix)
    my abilities ( for whenever i may be allowed to use ) are rapid healing, and water/ice manifestation .... the utmost intensity of abilities is unknown to myself
  8. Kiki~

    Kiki~ New Member

    I feel like a burden
  9. Kiki~

    Kiki~ New Member

    Newby the way ?
  10. Craft Howler

    Craft Howler New Member

    Hey everyone I'm new here and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm going to be ranting soon but I still want to say hi guys.
  11. Chisai73

    Chisai73 New Member

    .u. hewo~ new to furaffinity, new to furry fandom, new to fursuiting. Going to Califur ^^ it'll be my first furry con. I'm super excited.
  12. Angela.Hathaway

    Angela.Hathaway New Member

    hello, my name is Angela, I am new to the forum, I'm furry from almost three years,I hope to make many friends, and to learn things in the forum. * hugs * :)
  13. Swain

    Swain Lookin to meet friends!

    Sup guys! New to the forum and FA, so treat nice please! Hope to meet many new friends!!
  14. BloodMoonhowl

    BloodMoonhowl New Member

    Hello, I'm new here! I'm not that good with introductions. I'll just stop before I make someone mad.
    I did. Should I not have? :V
  15. Wrobel

    Wrobel Schrodinger's Drunk

    Why are people using this thread for intros?
  16. The Tall Ginger

    The Tall Ginger New Member

    Off of what you said xegras, I am new to this forum and I need everyone who's listening's help. I'm not furry like you guys. But before those pitchforks go through my skull, I do like the art style. I watch a lot of anime so it's not far off and a lot of you guys are the best artists I've ever seen. Now here's the thing. I am friends with many furries. 7 to be exact. And I'm a decent human being and respect you guys. So I'm looking to be the go between guy for haters against you guys. I'm hoping to make them respect people's feelings a little more and not have anymore casualties. So, being new to the forum like you xegras was talking about with a training camp, I need some help as to where to go and what I'm up against. Please help me out guys. Thanks!!
  17. Betrayed

    Betrayed New Member

    Hey guys,
    Haven't posted here in a while, and idk if anyone remembers me (Fallen Fox), but just here to let everybody know that i will be starting that Training Forum thing that Ginger was talking about. I'll post a link later. For now, for everyone on here who IS, new,
    Welcome to the club,
    Betrayed óÔÔò
  18. SquidHooves

    SquidHooves SquidHooves

    Yay! I'm new! Now everyone can bash me with a trial by fyre. Seriously, I am looking to try to make some connections in this new furry experience I am caught up in. Any help would be appreciated. I guess that's a start. GO!
  19. I'm new, some people did pick on me & give alot of sarcastic comments but I don't give a fuck.
    It's the internet, pretty much everybody is a asshole.
  20. tehwereferret

    tehwereferret New Member

    I read them and shook my head. Guess I'll be lurking for a bit. This place is pretty straitlaced in my opinion.

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