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  1. Fender

    Fender Member

    Greetings and welcome to the Fur Affinity Forums!

    I'm Fender, your host on these forums! Welcome to the site, and enjoy your stay! If you have any problems give a shout out to the admins (those charming people whose names appear in DARK BLUE) and they'll be glad to assist in any way they can! Otherwise, you could ask for assistance from our team of moderators (those fellas in a slightly different BLUE nickname) or supermoderators (the men in BLACK). Remember to read the Forum Rules, and have fun!

    -- FENDER
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  2. highteckdudu

    highteckdudu Member

    thank you for the information!
  3. cataloof

    cataloof Banned

    Hi Fender! You were in my dream the other day (except you were blue and also a Guild Wars monster). I thought you would like to know.
  4. Dragsooth

    Dragsooth I'm a sorcerer <:3

  5. MetalliCat

    MetalliCat New Member

    Thanks for the greeting, Thanks for the info cause i am having an error.
  6. Wolf-Light

    Wolf-Light New Member

    Hi there. Thanks for the help... Something tells me, I'll be needing it...

    FC1.Fv~ S$MA0+++++ S$^Western G$+ G$^Male_Human
    ^Male_Dragon H$6''2-f W$-lm T$2-f W$3-f A$16/7000 M$+ H$++ M$++ M$Light_Offensive_and_defencive
    ^Shadow P$+ F$++++ S$+ N$Wolf-Light
  7. Azrayel

    Azrayel New Member

    Thanks. Info's great ^^
  8. Ryuunosuke

    Ryuunosuke Member

    Thanks a lot Fender, very informal and assuring. Thanks
  9. Ryuunosuke

    Ryuunosuke Member

    :)Thanks a lot Fender, very informal and assuring. Thanks
  10. hanter03

    hanter03 New Member

    I'm new in this forum so HI!
  11. supercutefurri58

    supercutefurri58 =^_^=^_^=^_^=^_^=^_^=

    hey there Fender,

    i have a question:

    for the record,

    do you have a mustache or not?

    everybody draws you with a mustache.

    don't you find that insulting? i mean, if you don't actually have a mustache?

    i wouldn't like it if people drew me with a mustache if i had no mustache (i don't have a mustache).

    so, do you? have a mustache, i mean?

    take care,
  12. Triad Fox

    Triad Fox Member

    I was a mustache in a past life. No shit.
  13. supercutefurri58

    supercutefurri58 =^_^=^_^=^_^=^_^=^_^=

    whhhoa that's deep, man

    i heard of people who believe they've reincarnatated only from other people's brain cells, but from a collection of dying cells from individual hairs, that's quite a theori you're proposing there... i wonder what Fender would think about that...
  14. Shark_the_raptor

    Shark_the_raptor Hello, Potion Seller.

    Hello, Fender. What's with the angry face?
  15. Gubbinz schiwifty-five

    Gubbinz schiwifty-five ANGRY ALWAYS ALL THE TIME

    G'day and thanks for greeting me with that PM. This is the first forum to do that so, kudos to ya!
  16. Takun

    Takun Wof Wof Wof Wof Wof

    Someone give Fender an Avatar. Poor ferrox.
  17. SabbathSilverclaw

    SabbathSilverclaw Ye Olde Black Cat

    Hello and thanks for the quick info.
  18. Tykas

    Tykas New Member

    Thanks For the Assist!!
  19. silverwulf

    silverwulf New Member

    Hi, I'm silverwulf. New here and from Canada.
  20. SabbathSilverclaw

    SabbathSilverclaw Ye Olde Black Cat

    Welcome to insanity... I mean FurAffinity. ;)
  21. FA_wolf

    FA_wolf Random Wolf Anthro =D

    Great info Fender! *Chants with all of the other newbies* :D
  22. Hanasukiookami

    Hanasukiookami New Member

    new to the forum, so.. thx for the greeting.
  23. eternal_flare

    eternal_flare voice of guilmon!

    *lick Fender's mane* hi there, Fender^^
  24. morephine

    morephine New Member

    hay i never been on a forum or forums of eney kind so this is my frist time you may have to bear weth me. my net is not as good as it was :( well see yas soon ?
  25. Greenie

    Greenie New Member

    Hay, I'm new and very shy.
    I've also haven't been on any forums before and have just registered on furaffinity this is my first forum :p)

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