Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Fender, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    Sarcastic Coffeecup Hand. Cannot. Erase.

    I am a Finn and my name is Henry and there's green in my 'sona. Are you sure you're not me?
  2. Rakkit

    Rakkit New Member

    Hello the name is Rakkit I've been a fan of furries for years but finally got the nerves to join, I just hope it's not too late :/
  3. Vincentalesso

    Vincentalesso New Member

    Hi i'm new here :D
  4. AlkiFox

    AlkiFox New Member

    I'm new as well. Glad to know that I wasn't the only shy guy lurking on the internet.;)
  5. odysee

    odysee Odysee

    New here obviously, looking to make some friends in the fandom don't have any that I know of currently, and I play Xbox one.
  6. Bastle

    Bastle New Member

    Hiya! New here, but lurked for a good while. Nice to meet you all
  7. zacharida

    zacharida Crazy people are me

    hai fender and thank you for the greeting. :)
  8. Feyleaf

    Feyleaf Still Sleepy

    Hello. I have had a page on FA for a while, but I have never posted here. I am a silver moonlight colored deer, sort of shy but vain. I almost never eat any animal product of any kind including honey. I like to sleep a lot which is my downfall, since im too tired to go out and secure any good friendships. I dream of owning my own house with a garden maybe in oregon, and a stone brick oven to make home made bread in. I am quite a loner and prefer to stay home vs going out.
  9. Kitsune134

    Kitsune134 New Member

    Konichiwa, my name is Kitsune134 and I hope to be good friends with all of you.
  10. MagictheFox

    MagictheFox New Member

    H-hi, I'm new too. I've been interested in the fandom since circa 2008, but I haven't had the courage to fully join (i.e. join furafffinity) until just a month ago. Oh, and please call me Magic. <3
  11. BluePuffyCat

    BluePuffyCat New Member

    Hi! Im new on here but have been an anthro furry for awhile. I have decided to do my first full fursuit which I'm excited for! !! I joined to get advice and hopefully make some friends~
  12. ZephyrWolf

    ZephyrWolf New Member

    Hi, hi! I've been a Furry since ~2009, but wasn't really interested in joining until yesterday, when I read an awesome and inspiring comic.

    Call me Zeph, or Wolfie if you'd like.

    I really hope that post above about this community being dead isn't true.
  13. Cannabiskitty

    Cannabiskitty Active Member

    Hi.. I'm new too. Please don't hate me.
  14. Spiffy_The_Cat

    Spiffy_The_Cat New Member

    Hello people of fur affinity! I will refrain from telling my boring newbie backstory and skip right to the part where I suddenly receive a short form of writer's block trying to come up with a greeting. I'm James Spiffy, a mountain lion-bob cat mix. I hope to make many lasting memories on this forum. Let the insanity begin!

    PS: Comic Sans all the way!
  15. Aquabone

    Aquabone New Member

    Hello. My name is Aquabone, I am 18 years old, and I'm looking forward to being a part of the furry community. In the past, I might have seen a furry and thought: "Hey, that's cool," but probably nothing much else after that. A few weeks ago, however, due to an odd occurrence, I had a run-in with a large group of furries at a convention. They were very friendly, and I ended up spending a bunch of time with them goofing off and having fun. After the experience, I found myself amazed at how delighted I felt when interacting with them. That they could show me such a fun time without even speaking or knowing me at all, communicating only through body language and little noises; this was not something I could ignore. I suddenly wanted to make people feel they way that they had made me feel; I suddenly wanted to become in-touch with the animal inside me. So, I researched how to get involved, and I ended up here. I hope I learn a lot, have a lot of fun, and give to others what furries have given to me.

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  16. spectre626

    spectre626 General Ray Sloane

    Thankya for the greeting. Hoping to meet some folks here on the forums, movin from Minneapolis to Virginia, hope to meet some folks to hang out with in the area.
  17. RaynClowes

    RaynClowes New Member

    Hello everyone! My name is Rayn. I'm new to FurAffinity and per request by my friend Dolphinsong I've just joined to start sharing my art with everyone here. I'm very nervous about this as I've been a member of the SoFurry community for the past 8 years back when it was still FurStar so I'm here to say my hellos and get to know everyone. I'm a very shy and reserved artist and although I'm not much for talking to others I'm very wiling to try. I don't have any friends on SoFurry due to me being on the shy side and with that being said let me woo you with my awkwardness. Lol. I hope. -_-'
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  18. RaynClowes

    RaynClowes New Member

    "skulks around in the shadows and awaits a reply from someone wanting to say hello to little 'ol me." lol Not roleplaying. Just letting everyone know I'm still skulking around here in this forum page awaiting a reply from someone. Anyone...... <3 <3 <3
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  19. spectre626

    spectre626 General Ray Sloane

    Don't remember if I actually put anything here, but heyfolks, nice to be here. Drop a line if ya ever wanna chat, I canshare the adventures of moving cross the country with you all. Also, would love suggestions on where to go.
  20. Chamali

    Chamali New Member

    Greeting, I'm new to both the site, and the fandom as a whole. So far, all I'm kind of aware of what the community is with some research I've done over the internet, but I look forward to learning more about it first-hand and the lango that goes with it. My own curiosity brought me here when my friend told me that one of the characters in my story (a field mouse) looks like a furry. I didn't know there was so much to the word 'furry'... I look forward to meeting some of you, and make a great day. :)

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