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  1. RaynClowes

    RaynClowes New Member

    "skulks around in the shadows and awaits a reply from someone wanting to say hello to little 'ol me." lol Not roleplaying. Just letting everyone know I'm still skulking around here in this forum page awaiting a reply from someone. Anyone...... <3 <3 <3
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  2. spectre626

    spectre626 General Ray Sloane

    Don't remember if I actually put anything here, but heyfolks, nice to be here. Drop a line if ya ever wanna chat, I canshare the adventures of moving cross the country with you all. Also, would love suggestions on where to go.
  3. Chamali

    Chamali New Member

    Greeting, I'm new to both the site, and the fandom as a whole. So far, all I'm kind of aware of what the community is with some research I've done over the internet, but I look forward to learning more about it first-hand and the lango that goes with it. My own curiosity brought me here when my friend told me that one of the characters in my story (a field mouse) looks like a furry. I didn't know there was so much to the word 'furry'... I look forward to meeting some of you, and make a great day. :)
  4. Khaos

    Khaos New Member

    Im with Greenie! New, shy, and I have no idea what I'm doing on forums. I'm looking forward to contributing in a helpful manner in someway in the near future!
  5. TectorCoon

    TectorCoon New Member

    Hello Fender...some people call me Goldie, others call me Goldie Tector, but you can just call me Tector. A guy with a nose for adventure
  6. DammitMax

    DammitMax Max Fally

    ​Hi everyone! I'm Max Fally :) nice to meet you guys.
  7. tacticaldogtags

    tacticaldogtags Party Time!

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  8. sparkyblaster

    sparkyblaster New Member

    hi guys. so i have been watching the furry community from a distance or some time now and with some recent changes in my life i feel its finally time i get involved and meet some people. i have a bit of a pup play bdsm background so the transition shouldn't be that hard :p
  9. Hewge

    Hewge Banana Party

  10. FlaminiaKennedy

    FlaminiaKennedy New Member

    Hi guys >w<
    Fairly new in the forum, but joined FA few months ago and I'm quite enjoying it ^w^
    Have a nice day everyone :3
  11. Furtaku

    Furtaku A furry who likes anime.

    Domo. I am Furtaku.
  12. Kurokawa

    Kurokawa Wat am I doin'

    Heyoooo! Hehe :D
  13. DarkJoewolf

    DarkJoewolf A gentlemanly wolf

    Hey I'm new and looking for a warm welcome! Hey guys!
  14. Dweenie

    Dweenie Dweenie

    Wow, this site is pretty organized.
  15. ericaquasia

    ericaquasia New Member

    Okay, thanks for the information. I will make sure to put up a little thread on here with a small introduction.
  16. lirrie

    lirrie The Fennec Fox

    Hey ^.^
  17. BerryBubbleBlast

    BerryBubbleBlast Artist who wishes to improve

    Hello everyone. I'm a person who's aspiring to become a better artist and thus I've decided to post my work here to get some feedback and critique on what I create.

    Right now I'm trying to become better at drawing and sketcing, currently with lizards as my motif, but eventually I'll be delving more into 3D-modeling and 3D-animation as well. I'm looking forward to any feedback you can give on my art and what I can do to improve as an artist.
  18. Namba

    Namba MY BRAND

    Ho man, not quite the return-to-glory reboot I was hoping for but hey, it's a start.

    What's up, fuzzies?
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  19. furryanca

    furryanca New Member

    Hellow everyone,
    I am a newbie on the site... english is not my language, so maybe I will fail in introducing my self...
    Please come over my account for more critics on my works
    Best regards
  20. furrycoolkid

    furrycoolkid New Member

    hi I'm new I'm furrycoolkid

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