Has anyone here ever eaten edamame?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by perkele, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. perkele

    perkele Active Member

    I just made some, it is super good!

    They're these little beans in shells, and you bite down on the shells and the beans pop right into your mouth. :3

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  2. Revates

    Revates I'm Gay

    The beans look hairy close up, not sure I'd like the texture. Are they similar to plain old green beans?
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  3. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    I love those things!
  4. The fuzziness unnerves me a bit personally xD but they are delicious! A bit denser than sugar-snap peas or the like, with a very wholesome flavor :)
  5. GarthTheWereWolf

    GarthTheWereWolf Captious Lycanthrope of Forum Legend

    Salty fuzzy deliciousness <;
  6. Fallowfox

    Fallowfox T-Tauri

    They look like they're related to peas and peanuts.
  7. TheKC

    TheKC O w O,

    Never seen them!, but they sound yummy! =3
  8. perkele

    perkele Active Member

    Like peanuts, they are actually not a nut but a legume!
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  9. RobinBlake

    RobinBlake New Member

    I like them. I buy a bag every now and again. I like them dry roasted as well.
  10. Ozriel

    Ozriel Inglorious Bastard

    I tried them once. They're okay. I'd eat them often if I weren't allergic.
  11. perkele

    perkele Active Member

    They're very different, actually! Green beans have a waxy texture, whereas edamame have a more smooth texture, with a tiny bit of fuzz. It sounds gross but it's actually quite pleasant to bite down on! They're like little capsule snacks, and they're super good for you, too! I just made a whole bowl of them and it was only 60 calories. Much better than one of my Jenny Craig Anytime Bars!
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  12. Revates

    Revates I'm Gay

    I'll have to keep an eye out for those cute little bean critters next time I'm at the shop, they're so furry and cute looking. Jenny Craig is the worst you should try something like lite and easy, they have much better meals.
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  13. perkele

    perkele Active Member

    You should! They sell them everywhere, and they're pretty cheap, considering!

    And I agree Jenny Craig isn't the best for you, but their chocolate bars are so good, and it's only 100 calories, there are so many worse things I could be eating. And yeah, they're expensive, too, but I have a good job and I won't miss the money.
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  14. Chase

    Chase Director of Operations Staff Member

    I don't mind eating them fried/salted, but I prefer them in crisp salads (already peeled) with grilled chicken, snow peas, roasted red peppers, almonds, mandarin oranges, ginger/soy/sesame dressing.
  15. Revates

    Revates I'm Gay

    Awesome! Are there any other great and healthy recipes you'd recommend!? You're a good salesmen for your wholesome little beans.

    That is true! They have such tasty little bars. But lite and easy has such nice little deserts! You can't even tell they're light alternatives. Although their portions are so small. :(
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  16. Pignog

    Pignog Active Member

    I went to jemmy craig last year and i actually put on weight. what a scam.
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  17. perkele

    perkele Active Member

    Sure! Have you ever had rice and beans? Pinto beans work best, and jasmine rice. You just put them in a pot and boil it for 20 minutes, cover with white sauce, and you can enjoy a nice dinner or snack! They come in these really big bags too so they are super convenient.

    I've never had Lite & Easy, how are they're desserts, you like them? Do they have chocolate?! I can't live without chocolate!
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  18. Pignog

    Pignog Active Member

    has anyone tried the jenny craig lasagna? i ate about 3 lbs of it last night. not very good.
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  19. perkele

    perkele Active Member

    What the fr*ick, JC makes lasagna? This is the first time I'm hearing of this. o_O;
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  20. Revates

    Revates I'm Gay

    Woah!? Really? That is not surprising. Jenny Craig really needs to think about her recipes more. I guess she sells a lot so it's hard to make all those meals on her own, so maybe that's why.

    I haven't, had that! Woah, that sounds super good and super easy! They sound like the perfect little snack or meal. :3 I wonder, do you think maybe some of these little critters in white-sauce as a healthy side with sausages would be nice?

    I had a couple of boxes from a family member and most of their meals are super tasty! But again their portion sizes are so small and it makes you feel a little cheated. I think there are some chocolate snacks for some of you chocolate lovers out there! There are loads of treats like that.
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