Have you ever met a furry IRL by accident?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Lcs, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. ChapterAquila92

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    Unfortunately, Trump is somewhat right in this respect. Celebrities can (though not necessarily will) get away with murder specifically because there will always be people who look up to them and fantasize about doing things with them, regardless of how they achieved or maintained their celebrity status.
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  2. Lcs

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    I think you read that differently to how I did.

    So, your take on it is that he is right to think that he, as a celebrity, has free rein over any womans mouth or privates?

    You can't give Trump a pass on this because you agree with his policies.
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  3. ChapterAquila92

    ChapterAquila92 Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin

    No, certainly not. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable out of any civil servant in public, politician or otherwise. At the same time however, until we have verified evidence that this locker room banter was ever followed up and acted upon, it's at most going to be frowned upon with a slap on the wrist.

    On a semi-related note of deeds trumping words: Prime Minister Trudeau's secret holiday retreat with the Aga Khan in the Bahamas. It's innocuous by itself - he has as much a right to take a vacation as anyone else, and the Aga Khan is a family friend of his - up until you start factoring in privately-chartered transportation, which presents a significant if remote security risk (considering Trudeau is the leader of a nation and all), and the fact that his office was not at all forthcoming about him being out of the country when asked. As it stands, there's currently an investigation underway looking into possibly associated conflicts of interest as well, but that's a whole other ball of bee's wax and we've already derailed this thread far enough as is.
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  4. Lcs

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    I can live with that conclusion; there's more I'd like to say, but it's probably best that we end it here.
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  5. Keeroh

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    I was heading home from work at 2am (graveyard shifts woo) and it's quiet and empty around. Because, it's 2am. On a weekday. In a tiny quiet suburban town.
    Walking to my car, I notice someone meandering along the median of the road. Which, it being the aforementioned middle of night, I assumed it was a drunk and/or homeless person. Then I recognize the hoodie they're wearing: It's the 2016 BLFC hoodie.
    And then I notice they are wearing not one, but two gigantic green fox tails.
    With ears on. And goggles, I think?

    It's 2AM.
    He's in the middle of the road
    playing pokemon go.

    I daren't approach, but I cherish the meeting to this day. Godspeed, shameless fox dude.
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    my best friend is a furry

  7. Rykhoteth


    Public library, early 20's woman, browsing shitty Deviant Art porn
    Wasn't even trying to hide it
    Same month, different woman, sparkledogs forum of some kind
    Kind of tried to hide it

    Very badly wanted to jump behind and do my best imitation of "IT'S OVER NINE-THOUSAND".
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  8. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    Good. Now you can bring him in :p
    Was it in the same library ? Because you maybe found a secret furry meet up place x) ?
  9. Rykhoteth


    Yes. No it was just a freak coincidence, hence it sticks out in memory. The only other time I remember was at a party when some friend of a friend showed up in a partial fursuit, then proceeded to be the most awkward and most offputting person there. Unfortunately, I made a comment which indirectly revealed I have some knowledge of fursuits. You could see the wheels turn for a bit before it clicked, I ended up spending the entire time trying to ditch him after that.
  10. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    Well sorta, I found out one of my best friends was a furry last week or so. Does that count? Iv known him for... 7-8 years now xD
  11. Generic Fox

    Generic Fox King of Autotune

    Yes ... he had weird hair colors + a tumblr, followed superstitions based on internet folklore, and apparently planned to move in with some shy guy who lived in another country with his parents. They'd never met.

    I'm not sure I want to meet a furry again.
  12. Kiwaru

    Kiwaru Coffee Enthusiast

    I met my ex through the competitive Pokemon scene and found out after two months of dating that he was a fur. He left his FA tab open. Many dongs were seen.
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  13. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    I haven't met anyone per se, but I have this feeling onevof my coworker's is.

    My husband and I went to a con last year as Toriel and Asriel and photos were posted online (along with hundreds of other cosplays). Apparently he saw one and called me and asked very quickly if I was a furry. I denied it (at that time I wasn't comfortable talking about it) and he kinda started stuttering and hung up. It's been weird ever since.
  14. Khazius

    Khazius The Fruit Bat

    aww thats a shame, maybe you should talk to him?
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  15. Alpine

    Alpine The best Renault

    Online yes. I've talked to some outside of furry discord servers too, but irl, I haven't met anyone that isn't openly a furry (though I may suspect maybe 1 or 2 may be one). I've seen one person fursuit in public but I just kinda went about my day
  16. C.S.Ember

    C.S.Ember Dreamer

    I went to otakon with my friend and a few friends of hers. I didn't realize that one of her friends was a pony until she randomly got dressed up and my friend informed me that we were headed to a furry shoot... I was just kinda like "Oh. Well I guess we're doing this now... cool." my big thing was that it was 104 degrees and I couldn't understand how they could be in those suits when I was basically in sheets and sweating my butt off. There were furries passed out on the ground with their heads off, people bringing each other water that wasn't entirely cold...
  17. Vanilla Zero

    Vanilla Zero a dead sinking story

    If I have, they never told me they were one.
  18. xaliceonfire

    xaliceonfire Kiralee

    I've thought about it, but at the same time I don't think that anyone at my job would be accepting if I'm wrong and he goes out and tells other people at my job. It wouldn't be a good thing.
  19. Martin2W

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    No. There are only 3 furrys in my country. But once I move to Toronto there will be plenty of furries since they have local meets. Nice :)
  20. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

    Hey I was thinking about your expierence. And I have strong suspicion that he is a furry. Why? Because I would do the same thing I would call you this is very natural thing, well he stuttered because he was ashamed because he exposed himself. There is no other explanation all psychological factors say that he is a furry, otherwise he is weirdo. He was excited so thats why he asked you very quickly. I would say there is 80 percent chance that he is a furry, also not many people know what furry is. Even for me it took many years to find this fandom and it was thanks to dank memes which i upload on YT. You can try throwing more bait, you may catch him. Please let me know your opinion.
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