Commission (Hiring): Head (and maybe partial) of cartoon character

Discussion in 'Furry Trading Post' started by Kl0ndike, May 30, 2017.

  1. Kl0ndike

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    Hello! In cause any potential artist watch these threads, I'm looking to commission a fursuit head or partial of a certain character from the new My Little Pony show. Wait wait! Before you close this tab, the character in question is NOT a pony! He's a dragon! I'm looking to have a costume to wear to local and larger conventions down the line. The character's name is Garble and I would like to negotiate a price depending on the quality and how long it would take to finish. Feel free to hit me up with a direct message if you're interested.
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    sent a message! ^^
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    I sent you a message!
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    Message sent :)

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