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  1. Drenniethes

    Drenniethes MOTHER RUSSIA

    Sup there! My name is Drenniethes but you can call me Schwarz and I joined both FA and the forums recently. I draw as a hobby. I'm not really into furry so I'd rather be a human, but i still can draw them. I decided to join the FA community after realising there's no profit if you don't speak with people.

    I'm a huge metal fan, I love especially Dethklok and German metal. Also I watch WWE a lot. Of course I do play computer games. Team Fortress 2, Sid Meier's Civilisation 5 and Stellaris are my favorite. If you want to ask me any questions or chat, feel free to reply!
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  2. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Hi there~! Welcome to FAF, hun! ^w^
  3. fallout19980

    fallout19980 Just some guy writing stories and playing dota

    There are no fingerprints
    Deep under water
    Nothing to tie one to a crime
    And if you seek vengeance
    All you need are instruments of pain

    You need your

    Knives? Check.
    Rope? Check.
    Dagger? Check.
    Chains? Check.
    Locks? Check.
    Laser Beams? Check.
    Acid? Check.
    Body Bag? Check.

    Murmaider [x16]

    But beware
    For when you quench your blood thirst
    Others will seek their vengeance on you
    And they won't rest
    Until you're dead

    They'll have their:

    Shiv? Check.
    Pipe? Check.
    Hammer? Check.
    Axe? Check.
    Subject? Check.
    Location? Check.
    Desire? Check.
    Vengeance? Check.

    Hold your breath, swim and strain
    The smell of death, can't escape
    Blood will could and drift away
    Attract the murders of Murmaids
    It's so cold they all know

    What you've done, you can't run
    Vengeance is the law for thee
    A thousand leagues below the sea
    You've been tracked, you've been seen
    Murdering the next kin
    Ate their hearts drank their blood

    Washed your fins in blackened mud
    Now you swim try to hide
    Heart beats faster from inside
    Thought it was a big charade
    Your life was ended by Murmaids.

    Murmaider [x16]

    Swords? Check.
    Saws? Check.
    Clubs? Check.
    Claws? Check.
    Hatred? Check.
    Anger? Check.
    Mermaid? Check.
    Murder? Check.


    Your life was ended by mermaids. [x3

    Also, greetings from a fellow metal fan.
  4. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru 100% faith-based dancing!

    Welcome to the forum, mate.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. PixelVixen

    PixelVixen Guest

    o_O a hoomin?


    Welcome to the forums ~ lots of different kinds of people here from non-furs to full-on fur-suiters and con attendees, and everything inbetween. Hope you enjoy it here ^^
  6. Drenniethes

    Drenniethes MOTHER RUSSIA

    Does any of you likes Equilibrium or Epica?
  7. LoEM_1942

    LoEM_1942 Curse of The FenceHat™

    Welcome to the forums!

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