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Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Aila Anne, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Aila Anne

    Aila Anne New Member

    Hello everyone!
    I'm a freelance artist from the US. I've been interested in anthros and furries since I was a kid (Robin Hood anyone?), but have only recently found this community for it. I decided it was time to stop lurking, and join the community! I hope to learn more about this community, make friends, and great art for you guys.
    I look forward to getting to know you all!
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  2. Doodle Bunny

    Doodle Bunny Frequently says stupid things.

    Hi! I'm also a fairly new artist here! So, I'm learning with you.

    Just call me Doodles.
  3. T-LARC

    T-LARC Well-Intentioned Mess

    Hey, I'm T, and welcome to FAF! :D

    Don't bother hanging up your coat, and you don't even have to wipe your feet either! I know, it's amazing here! But seriously, always cool to have a new artist. This place continues to impress me day in, day out with the enormous talent on display, and I'm sure you'll fit right in, if that dapper 'stache is anything to go by! ^^

    The community might seem intimidating because of how big it is, but we're all really quite friendly, and you should find artists with similar skills that you can collaborate with and learn from in no time! Can't wait to see what kinda stuff you come up with! ^_^
  4. Aila Anne

    Aila Anne New Member

    @Doodle Bunny
    Awesome! Hope to see you around!

    Haha, thanks! Glad you said that, it is pretty big and intimidating.
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  5. T-LARC

    T-LARC Well-Intentioned Mess

    I totally get the feeling. I've only been here a few months, but I've already found some incredibly people, including one I'm fursuiting with very soon. :)

    As an artist here, you really have your options wide open, but it's important to remember how large the community is, and how open it is to giving feedback and inspiration. It's the biggest resource on here, and it's absolutely indispensable. So if you wanted to practise a technique, or get a few examples for a commission sheet, but didn't know exactly what to draw, plenty of artists create 'request pages' on here that are full of subjects and potential scenarios, created by all sorts of people from all over the globe. And if you want to talk about equipment or technique, there are loads of threads you can delve into that go really deep into that stuff, and potentially have the answers for any problems you might be experiencing. Though I'm sure this stuff is all very self-explanatory, if you don't already know it. The world's your oyster, really! :)
  6. Aila Anne

    Aila Anne New Member

    That sounds like fun!
    Thanks for the tips, I'll keep my eyes open, and start asking questions.
    Hope to see you around!
  7. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    Hey there I joined the forums about a week ago & the forums are great enough to turn me into a furry in that time so I think you will enjoy it.

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