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  1. LordSwinton

    LordSwinton New Member

    Hello, new here so I'm still finding my bearing around. I mostly draw digitally. Usually it's MLP, birds and doggos. Pretty busy a lot of the time as I'm still a student but I try to make time for everything. I always welcome a conversation :)

    Things I like:
    Tea over coffee, hot chocolate, cloudy days, silver, soft pastels, blur over Oasis, watercolours

    Things I don't like:
    spiders, essay planning, sudden loud noises, Prismacolor's Customer Service
  2. Martin2W

    Martin2W Tombstone The Huggable Sergal

    Welcome to the clan.
  3. Simo

    Simo Skunk

    Hey there, and welcome! I gotta agree, spiders are evil! Well, if they're outside, it's OK. But if they're inside, I'll scream and yell and make sudden loud noises ;) even.

    So, do you study?

    Hope ya have fun here,

    Simo, the welcoming Skunk
  4. Sarachaga

    Sarachaga You gain Brouzouf

    Welcome here!
    I hope you will have fun and enjoy your stay :) !
  5. Iriastar

    Iriastar Rawr.

    Hello, welcome. ^^
    Lovely username.
  6. LordSwinton

    LordSwinton New Member


    Yeah, I'm in college, graduating this year :) Thanks for the welcome, Simo

    I hope I do too :)

    Thanks, it's my username for most things

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