Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by RankHusky, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. RankHusky

    RankHusky New Member

    Hello all. I'm RankHusky, just your average husky, finally joining the FA Forum, after being around on FA for awhile.

    So yeah. that's it.
  2. Kiniel

    Kiniel Member

    Hey, welcome to the forums!

    I like all dogs... just as long as they don't try to eat me. ;)
  3. Welcome and enjoy the forums!

    I like dogs too...........they taste great with a side of feline! ;)
  4. thelonelydragon

    thelonelydragon Wheeeeee!

    Hello and welcome to the forums.
  5. BlitzWolf

    BlitzWolf Member

    *Captain Jack is making his rounds tonight*

    Ahoy and welcome to me crew. This bunch be quite the collection of scalliwags and buccaneers...so mind your tongue, mate. Howeva, enjoy your time aboard and keep a watch for Davy Jones. Ye might find out why, soon enough, savvy?

    "Neh neh neh nah neh neh neh nah neh neh neh neh nah.........................and really bad eggs. Drink up, me harties, yo ho!"
  6. TORA

    TORA Banned

    Welcome, RankHusky! ROWR.
  7. Neon Grizzly

    Neon Grizzly Member

    Hey Rankie!
  8. Rhainor

    Rhainor Rawr.

    Welcome aboard.

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