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    i'm currently commissioning someone to make a partial of my character: cody fursuit head ref
    and we're looking around for the correct fur color for the dark part of his hair (it's also the color of his tail) [​IMG]

    this is the fur we were hoping to get a hold of: Long Pile + Solid Long Pile MoHair Faux Fur (in the light brown color) [​IMG]
    but they're out of stock for that color. ):

    If anyone has, or know someone who does have that fur, please let me know! We'd need about 1 1/2 - 2 yards and i'd be more than willing to buy it (it would be a real life saver)

    i've also come across Punky Muppet (29 colors) (in the rose gold color) [​IMG]
    has anyone used/compared it and is this fur close to the DF fur?

    please, please let me know if you have access to that fur! and let me know any other suggestions for this color if you have any, thank you!

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