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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by ~Molly~, May 15, 2017.

  1. ~Molly~

    ~Molly~ New Member

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this however i might need some help understanding how some things work on FA, specifically around Commissioned art and also help with any way how to expose my work a bit more as i think im doing it wrong.

    First off and the thing that is bugging me the most, Do commissioning artists pick and choose which requests they commission, it seems to me that most big artists especially popular 'macro' artists seem to be almost snobbish in their choice of clients, asif you need to already have 2k watchers and a following and be known to actually get them to accept a commission or else they just ignore you.
    I understand it is different for each artist but is there some sort of accepted or general ruling that popular artists only do other popular artists ? my and my boyfriend wanted a commission from a particular digital artist but it seems like he could't be less bothered to do our request outright lied and said he wasn't doing commissions whilst his active commission list gets updated daily with new ones, and it wasn't like we were asking for a cheap sketch with a complex idea, are all popular commission artists similar in poor attitude?

    Second i was just wondering if there is a good way to expose my page or art (sorry for being so general) i feel like i could get more views but i think my work seems to only be revolving around a few watchers who like my things (not that im not grateful for them) im just not sure if i am going about it correctly.

    (sorry for the long post and if its in the wrong segment)
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  2. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    To answer your first question, any artist/creator will pick and choose who or what they draw/create.
    Sometimes it is due to certain things they prefer to draw or maybe they will not draw a certain theme/species due to difficulty or personal reasons.

    As for exposing your artwork/page, there aren't really any tips or tricks for it, just upload content sometimes in peak time and sometimes in off peak time and it'll get seen.
    If people like it enough they'll spread it around and your page will become more and more visited.
  3. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    Being an artist myself I might not draw something if the effort to do so is greater then the pay. If I have a set price then it may be harder to accept certain commissions, just because I'm not being paid by the hour? I'm not sure if this is the reason for the artist you tried to commission though.

    Erm. I hope that didn't come across as being snobby. :'D

    Also I have noticed that attitude a lot with other artist's as well, kind of wish they would just tell people what's up instead of ignoring. XP

    Also I agree with jayhuskey on posting it on FA n.n
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  4. xofrats

    xofrats The cat said what?

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with an artist, but don't worry. Most popular artist are lovely people. They will draw for you as long you are nice and can pay :3

    I looked at your gallery (or at least one with your name and avatar :p ). It seems like you have uploaded 2 pictures so far, and they got plenty of views and favourites. (I'm jealous xD)
    So don't worry, just keep uploading new pictures and you will get a following.
  5. ~Molly~

    ~Molly~ New Member

    Thanks for the ideas, i guess though art is pretty bad so i guess i am being very foolish in thinking ill get more views than i actually deserve so fair enough, but with the commission i agree with what you are saying however in this case lots of points are not true to the situation, we checked to see if what we were asking for wasn't too much (work wise) and also was in keeping with what he draws and it most definitely was as he had similar commissions for other people in similar poses he had also drawn both of our species before in previous commissions so its not like what we asked was outlandish and we were also asking for his most expensive tier plus any extras. So the worst thing is that he outright lies to us saying oh he isn't doing commissions meanwhile his 'To do' commission page is constantly being updated with new commissions from other people, after going through his work i found almost all of his commissions had been done for accounts with the lowest being 700 watchers the majority all seemed to have 2k+ which made me dissapointed its really soured my taste for bothering with FA at all.
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  6. ~Molly~

    ~Molly~ New Member

    No you seem reasonable but this case it was completely the attitude of the artist as all of what we asked for had been done by him for smiliar or lower priced commissions, and his list was open as well as his ongoing commissions list being added to by the hour.
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  7. ~Molly~

    ~Molly~ New Member

    probably wasn't my gallery if there was only 2 pics and none really have many views or favourites, don't worry i think i kinda suck quite a bit and i havnt accepted it yet.
  8. Yvvki

    Yvvki Sassy lesser panda.

    yeaa that's weird... :C

    Sorry to hear that then.

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