Help with OS: sometimes won't start

Discussion in 'Technology Talk' started by MrFranco, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. MrFranco

    MrFranco 550 polygons

    It just stays blank after showing my motherboard's brand. Not just that, but when I used to have dual boot, when I restart my PC after the blank screen, it took me to the BIOS menu, with Lubuntu missing. I tried recovering by different methods, but after the 4th try, I gave up and just kept Windows 10 alone.

    I assume it could be my SSD, but even if that was the case, what am I supossed to do?

    It occurs ocassionally since a few days after I built my PC, but this week alone happened 3 or 4 times.
  2. SveltColt

    SveltColt NANI?!?

    Try checking your hard drive there a possible chance that your hard drive has died.
  3. mari~

    mari~ New Member

    Check your SSD's health with Open Hardware Monitor.
    If OHM doesn't say anything negative about the SSD's health, check to see if there's a BIOS update for your motherboard that you should apply. Read lots of guides on this before you do it and understand what exactly the update does before you actually apply it.

    If OHM says your SSD isn't doing so hot, you'll need to replace it, so try contacting the manufacturer for a replacement since most SSDs have good warranty length and coverage, as far as I know.
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  4. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    I agree with Mari, above, but I'd add that you should grab a SMART monitor for your SSD and run it, Crystal Disk Info is a good one, run it and it will let you know if your SSD needs some attention.

    Make sure that your BIOS is up to date, (or to the latest revision possible if it an older model).

    When you say "blank" is it a fully blank screen, e.g. Black with NO cursor (be it a mouse pointer or a small flashing white line, either veritcal or horizontal)
  5. MrFranco

    MrFranco 550 polygons

    Yes, just plain black.

    I'll be able to check my PC on Monday. I'll tell you how it went on the same day.
  6. Saiko

    Saiko GTWT Survivor

    It sounds like a startup file got corrupted. I'd get a Windows repair disk and see if it finds anything.
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  7. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    Ok, that rules out a couple of things I was thinking about.

    I'll agree with this, although if you don't have a disk for windows 10 (it came pre-installed or you downloaded it), grab another PC and download the media creation tool from MS and create a bootable disk from, failing that, try to boot the pc and if successful, use the "RESET PC" option from the control panel.
  8. MrFranco

    MrFranco 550 polygons

    Will it make a difference make a bootable disk from another PC that's not mine?
  9. jayhusky

    jayhusky Well-Known Member

    No, as long as you can get the tool and create the bootable disk, it will work fine. Just make sure to make the disc the same version as you have installed
    Windows 10 Home = Windows 10 Home
    Windows 10 Pro = Windows 10 Pro

    It'll reduce the chance of any errors during install, and while it's possible to install Windows 10 Pro with a Home Disc, it does take a little more effort to do all the bits after.

    Also, stick any drivers you need on a USB so you can install those straight after the OS installs.
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  10. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    Have yall tried turning the computer completly off and back on again usin the plug?

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