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Discussion in 'Art and Illustration' started by DirtD, Jan 29, 2013.

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    After posting here I've been shown Ctrl + Paint which is helpful as shit.

    It's a lovely site and everyone should go there.
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  5. Arshes Nei

    Arshes Nei Masticates in Public - List of various artbooks reviewed with lots of pics - List of Dreamworks Animators - List of Pixar Animators - Collective illustration blog with lots of helpful advice as an artist - Kim Jung Gi, fantastic illustrator See his youtube below
    [yt]LGjGhU2o7sQ[/yt] - Daarken's Art Blog tons of useful tutorials - Tom Scholes, great art and art vids - Great site for figure drawing - Great Art site, waiting to get their Art Books they posted on Kickstarter - Incredible way of viewing old paintings in high res - Incredible Figure Drawings done by Russian Students (NSFW Nudity) - handy art blog about drawing - Very good artist and great youtube tutorials. "Stan Proko" - Cheap Magazines - specially if Imagine FX is too expensive. - lots of tutorials and awesome - Another Gesture drawing tool - Awesome artist and animator. his other site ConteAnimated is worth a look too
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    Not contributing, but fookin' saved. had to email myself a copy of this thread.
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    Thought I'd add this link about one artist in particular. - Francis Tsai

    He is an illustrator diagnosed with ALS - Lou Gerhrig's disease.
    When he could no longer use his hands, he was using his toes to draw. When he could no longer draw with his toes, he's still drawing using eye tracking technology.

    Store to help support him here:

    You can also read this article on Kotaku
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    Do podcasts count? Search 'bobby chiu' on youtube to find a ton of pro artist interviews. Real inspiring to listen to while you work on art.
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    Great thread. Thanks for sharing everyone!

    One of my favorite artists is Matei Apostolescu
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    Psst, some of the links you posted are already posted.
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    thanks! I thought I caught them all, guess I missed some.
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    Freshdesigner has some great tips. What I usually like about his site is he's apparently one of the few that still uses a lot of the Reilly Method (which has been a very interesting approach to art)

    I am linking this particular part of his blog, but I encourage seeing all of it and his youtube channel. The reason I'm linking this part is he is showing how much he was improving by painting observational studies.

    Not found by me but Tiamat showed me the link NSFW classic style nude paintings. Very nice -
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    The Loomis Books are for sale legally. Do not post the pirated versions. No more warnings.
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    I thought these sites were interesting since I got into a discussion with friends the other day about a very overused color scheme known as the "Hollywood Palette"

    These sites broke down color schemes in cinematography

    This one talks about movie trends but also shows the dreaded Hollywood Palette

    I find them useful to see how even in film you design color schemes for composition and mood.

    I also had visited a site that broke down the color schemes for entire films which was fascinating. I'll post more if there are people interested. I personally love it since it helps me think about composition and design in illustrations.
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    I know the "Concept Art" portion of this particular website has already been posted, but I think it's worth it to mention that CG Cookie offers tutorials for a variety of 3D programs as well. My favorite happens to be BlenderCookie, Blender being a completely 100% free 3D modeling/sculpting/animation program. I think it's definitely worth looking into if you want to dabble in 3D art without having to spend money on expensive programs. (for the program)
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    On that note, Sculptris is a great 3d sculpting program made by Pixologic, who are none other than the same company who created zbrush.
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    I found out that Noah Bradley had released his first week of Art Camp.

    He spoke about Master Studies/Copies. I learned a lot from doing one.


    The one I did

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