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    I recently discovered this site called Wysp:

    What sets it apart from other art sites is that it has a practice function and a set of lessons you can draw from.
    It's still relatively new I believe
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    How did you find this? :0

    That's helpful as fuck.
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    Bless this thread.
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    It's not really a 'how to get better at art' site, but I just found this chick (Senshistock) on Deviant Art who has a huge collection of model poses for artists Lots of dramatic poses too.
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    I think FurAffinity, DeviantArt, and SoFurry are the best looking furry art site I've come across so far.
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    I'm surprised some of these haven't been linked already, I'm sure plenty of people know about them and/or use them already, but just in case:

    LOTS of SAI Brushes:
    Color Palettes -
    Color Palettes -
    SPACE Color Palettes! -
    Color Palettes -

    Color Palette Maker -
    Color Palettes & Maker -
    Automatically Generate Palettes from Pictures -

    Free Stock Images
    My ABSOLUTE favorite stock image website. You do need to sign up, but other than that it's completely free!

    Random Pictures of Animals! -
    Great for gesture drawing and animal studies.

    Lots of Bird Pictures/Species -
    This is really awesome for color palettes, as well as just finding cool birds to draw. c:

    Free Grunge Textures -
    Pretty sweet if you're like me and like to overlay textures on top of your images to give them that extra bit of tactility.

    Yoga Poses
    Website full of interesting and neat poses with good images that can be used for references!

    Randomized Generators for just about everything -
    This is extremely helpful if you just.. don't really know what to draw and what to be given an idea! It's not really meant for it, but that's what I like to use it for.

    Fractal-like drawing thing:
    I consider this pretty artistic. Sometimes it can really give you some interesting ideas with the semi-random shapes it makes.

    Hopefully that wasn't too spammy for you guys, and I hope the links help someone. c:
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    If you are going to get a tablet for drawing what should you get
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    Not contributing, but fookin' saved. had to email myself a copy of this thread.
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    Hi! I want to share this youtube channels of these artist that where great inspiration and help to me:

    This is the channel of Lisa Clough, she's a wild life/surreal artist, she have great tips for traditional media and for establish an art carrer: Lachri Fine Art

    This is the channel of Aaron Blaise, a former Disney animator, he was the responsables of creating the Beast (from "The Beauty and the Beast") and the bears from "Brother Bear", he has great tips for character creation, animation, drawing fluidly, creature creaion, etc. I would love to take one of his courses one day :) The Art of Aaron Blaise

    This one is the channel of Bobby Chiu, he's an animator and concept artist and has great tips, videos to keep always improving your drawing and interviews with the professionals of the field: Bobby Chiu

    And this one is the channel of Leilani Joy, she works with acrilics and has more speed paint that tips, but her sparkly personality and optimism is really contagious: Leilani Joy

    I hope it helps! ^-^/
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    This thread is awesome. Just got my hands on a tablet for the first time and these links are great ^^
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    I feel like I'm missing out on something here. All I ever use are DeviantArt and Furry Nation.

    *Network. Furry Network. Why the hell did I say "nation"?
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    If you want good art skills then all you gotta do is know how to draw a circle
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