Hey! I'm new here, I have a nagging question.

Discussion in 'Fursona Discussion' started by Spifflet, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Spifflet

    Spifflet Guest

    Hello people,

    I'm sort of new to trying to be comfortable with myself and others knowing I'm a furry, but that's besides the point.

    My question is, do you think it's at all weird to have a fursona that's not you're actual gender? I'm not Trans IRL and I don't have plans of becoming Trans either. but I feel more comfortable having me be represented as a female. Is that odd? Any input helps.

    Basically I need conformation that I'm not an absolute creep/insane person.


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  2. Vince_Werewolf

    Vince_Werewolf Herbivoraceous Musician

    Pocari Roo is a male fursona, but the IRL human behind him is female.

    Don't feel bad about it, I guess...
  3. Azrion/Zhalo

    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    I don't think it's weird :/
  4. Spifflet

    Spifflet Guest

    lol that totally helps
  5. Spifflet

    Spifflet Guest

  6. C.Y.AN

    C.Y.AN I am an omelet.

    There's things out there a lot "Weirder".
    You're just being you & that's what you should be doing.
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  7. Beetblood

    Beetblood AKA Tera

    My fursona doesn't match my gender either. I don't find it weird. c:
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  8. TeslaSkunk

    TeslaSkunk Guest

    Not at all, thats absolutely fine, just welcome and enjoy as much as you can
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  9. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Animu Wolf


    As for a Fursona not being your actual gender IRL: Who cares.
  10. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    I think, by now, everyone on here regards me as a Male. However..I'm a female..I find it really hard to relate to a female sona. Or character. I actually think most females are annoying x.o Not saying they actually are, I just find it hard to get close to one. So therefore my Sona, and online preference, is Male. Maybe I am a trans IRL, but I'm mostly straight. I say mostly because I am attracted to personalities, not physiques.
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  11. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru Animu Wolf

    You have transitioned, or are transitioning?
  12. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    Wut? .-.
  13. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    @Yakamaru I mean I may be Transexual, but it's not extreme. I like Male personas a lot better than Famle personas. To the point that I don't like to have a Female's persona. I don't try to make myself look Male, though. I wear guys shirts, and don't wear makeup, but I have a girls haircut and am not ashamed of being female in body. So I am just a Tom Girl haha but Online I still prefer to be looked at as having a Male Sona
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  14. Azrion/Zhalo

    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    I'm confuzzled
  15. Somnium

    Somnium The Sparklewolf

    Don't worry many like tomboys, including me!
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  16. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    What's got you confused? The original question? If so, He is asking if it is weird that His Fursona is a She.
  17. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    ;3 Glad to know, @Somnium
  18. Azrion/Zhalo

    Azrion/Zhalo The Felynes have arisen!

    Nah, bunch of things confuzzled me
  19. Zipline

    Zipline Noodle Fish

    All this confusion is confusing me.
    I have a male sona and a female sona. Though they are different characters and seem to be in a relationship. They both do their own things though.
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  20. DravenDonovan

    DravenDonovan You can call me Oni~

    No one can help relieve your confuzzlment if you no mention what you be confuzzled about
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