Hey looking for a minecraft buddy

Discussion in 'PC and Console Gaming' started by Owlletta, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Owlletta

    Owlletta Member

    I'v been playing minecraft for years, but my friends don't play it and I always have to do it alone. I'd like someone to frequently play modded pc minecraft with. Anyone up for it? Prefer 18+.
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  2. Alex K

    Alex K Guest

    Just ask for a pornstar on eBay. I'm sure you'll get plenty of results
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  3. Skylge

    Skylge Ye inner crow

    Was an avid Minecrafter playing on different servers.
    Nowadays lack the time for it. I do single-player Terrafirmacraft once in a while, building my hide-out a brick at a time ;)
    forums.furaffinity.net: Cool Minecraft Mod(pack)s

    There are some cool mods around, I hope you'll find some fellow blockheads and a server to your liking. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Minecraft, you say? You have caught my interest. Tell me more
  5. Owlletta

    Owlletta Member

    Well I really want to play the Blightfall modpack on technic launcher. But I have never played with others other than popular servers so i wouldnt know how to do it.
  6. Blightfall modpack? Hmm, I usually play vanilla Minecraft. The only issue I see is that you want to play with someone frequently, and I only really play on weekends. I think I would be interested, as Minecraft is a pretty chill and fun game, but I do not know if I can play frequently enough. That, and also the fact that I am Swedish. Are we too far away from each other? Will there be too much latency? Will you be the one who creates the game server, or..?
  7. Owlletta

    Owlletta Member

    Only weekends would be fine. Thats about as frequent as I would like. But I was hoping to skype chat(or whatever means to use) and I live in the US on the east coast so the time may be a problem(were 6 hours apart). Also I dont know how to create a server.
    On any note, if you feel this is too much of a hassle to try, thank you for responding. I really appreciate it.
  8. Hmm, I see. The distance might become an issue, yes. The six hour difference is significant. I know how to create a server and I probably can do it, but then the distance becomes a problem again. I do not think I would mind Skyping and I think continuing this conversation would be somewhat easier on there.
  9. Owlletta

    Owlletta Member

    I agree. If you have time, ill send you my skype info.
  10. Becar

    Becar New Member

    did u guys ever start that server.
  11. I will assume that was a question even though you skipped the question mark. I have a server running but it is located in Sweden, meaning only really people in Europe will have good connection to it

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