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  1. Refusion

    Refusion Fur Gamer

    Hello everyone, my name is Refusion, and I'm a half professional Gamer and a new Youtuber.
    I'm 14 and I'm free to answer any questions your may ask.

    Age: 7
    The first gaming console/pc I ever played on was my dad's old Mac, as it could only run mountain lion I couldn't play any games like csgo or call of duty. All my computer could handle was the shitty graphics of minecraft.

    Age: 8
    I got my own ps3 at that age and I got my first fps game, it was probably the worst, it was call of duty ghosts. And after a while of camping and spawn trapping I eventually got good at the game and started winning sniper only 1v1s.

    Age: 9

    I got an ipad and my first game on it was geometry dash- I became addicted.

    Age 13:

    I got a ps4 pro and a psvr. I play bo3 and rainbow six.

    Age 14:

    Completion of bloodbath of geometry dash, this has to be one of my best Achievements yet, as bloodbath is the hardest level ever.

    Although I am an addicted Gamer, I am also a ok writer, I posted my first story called Humans are no longer.
    I hope to settle in well here and enjoy my stay!
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  2. katalistik

    katalistik Still friendly.

    Holy balls GD is one of my favourites games.At first I played it on my smartphone then I discovered the PC version.
    I like Fingerdash.Dunno why.

    Enjoy your stay! Keep an eye on the "open chat" thread,almost everyone posts there.
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  3. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox I'm Delightfully Awkward :3

    Hi Newbie, I'm Batman.
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