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Discussion in 'Forum Introductions' started by Peridork, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Peridork

    Peridork New Member

    soo very new to this fandom and I'm still having trouble with my fursona and such aah.

    anywho I'm really curious about this fandom and wanna try it out because everyone seems so accepting and you guys are so creative it blows my mind away o:

    i'm into nintendo stuff like pokemon, splatoon and zelda. also I'm a weeb and love cute asian shizz.
    i also sew clothes and make cosplay outfits for a living and your fursuits amaze me and I want that to be my next goal for a con.

    it would be great to chat to some of you about the fandom cause I got so much questions to ask ! c: (if any of you got a discord hmu cause I use that a lot: ♥_woomy_♥#1949)

    hope all you furs are having a great day/night and hope we can chat sometime and maybe i'll have a fursona to hang out with yours~ :D
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    FluffyShutterbug A Foxy Femboy Photographer

    Hi there~! Welcome to FAF. Funny how you mention Discord. I actually run a furry server there, and you're welcome to join if you want. If not, I hope you enjoy your stay here~! ^W^
  3. Yakamaru

    Yakamaru The Huggable Cactus!

    Howdy, fellow weeb!

    Welcome to the forum, love.

    Hope you will enjoy your stay.

    Ah yes, Discord. Best program by far as far as social circles go.

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