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    Any homestuck fans?

    I just bought hiveswap, Since I was a bit of a homestuck fanatic some years ago. Homestuck had it's flaws, it was a bit of a clusterfuck and everybody complains about the fandumb. However, I love the content and am left with a lot of good vibes and memories that came of it. It's fizzled out a bit since and I havent been in touch with the communities like I was, so I was in the dark that it ended and that the game is now out since 5 days ago

    I said it before, but I dont know what to expect, maybe it's content will be underwhelming compared to the hype?

    If you're not a homestuck fan, Hiveswap is supposed to be separate enough from the homestuck universe to be it's own story, so new entry into it is easy
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    Personally, I would like the creators to separate themselves from Homestuck completely (at least for the time being) and create another original series - considering the ending itself was pretty conclusive, I doubt we need another entry in Homestuck universe, but there's enough potential in MSPAdventures as a whole, and finally getting an original game or webcomic would be very cool. By messing around with spin-offs and prequels, there's a big risk of over-bloating an already bloated lore.
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    I only got into Homestuck about a year before it ended and I very much needed Hiveswap in my life. I'm glad to finally see it out and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, but I had my bar really low. Looking forward to the next acts, whenever they actually come out. Really love the new characters. I talked one friend into playing it and she loved it so much that she actually started reading Homestuck.

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