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  1. junkyardprince

    junkyardprince laughs nervously

    nvm thanks for the feedback now he knows how to fix his statement to get less negative feedback lmao
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  2. Maximor_Bloodpanda

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    Why don't you help him get a job instead?
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  3. Beacuse it's easier for some folks to ask for handouts, instead of working for it - (like the rest of us gotta do).
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  4. Rykhoteth


    Potato Salad got 55,000+$$$ on kickstarter. If you're going to criticize, it's the fact he's 18 trying to do international travel soul-searching in a place that fucking hates foreigners let alone tourists.
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  5. Yakamaru

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    What? Help him get a job? What heresy is this? Don't you know that asking about handouts is the right thing to do in this fandom?

    I like how the guy went full on emo, then asks for money. To move someplace else.

    Yeah, no, sorry. I am not going to give someone handouts, just because they ask for it.
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  6. Pipistrele

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  7. Mr. Fox

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    Wait, what did I miss? Don't be a butt, tell me! >:C
  8. Rykhoteth


    Well fuck OP edited it right after my post. Highschool dropout wants to go to Japan. I think? There was vodka inbetween and the edit and a lot of videos fuck my memory. I'd send money to friends for such a thing no issue, except for what I outlined above. There's waayyyy more friendly places to visit than just gauging by one guy you met online as per I remember about the OP information. But Japan is hardly the worst place to visit regardless from what I've heard. Either way, the dude was 18 and such should care more about establishing his adult life than fucking about in a foreign country.

    But that's just like my opinion, man.
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  9. Maximor_Bloodpanda

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    Those dumb people should be robbed. I'm going to make a kickstarter now!
  10. Maximor_Bloodpanda

    Maximor_Bloodpanda The True Anti-Conformist

    He couldn't make it through American curriculum, what made him think he would have any chance with Japan's standards?
    Yeah, funny since they feel like they deserve something in a situation where they gave up, yet most of us who struggled and kept going in that situation aren't rewarded.

    If anybody really wanted to help him, they would help him settle into reality.

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