How can you tell if someone else is a furry?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by alex_sherwen37, May 8, 2012.

  1. alex_sherwen37

    alex_sherwen37 New Member

    I want to know if anyone else at my school is a furry, but I don't want to make a complete fool of myself. Since I only became a part of the furry community on 5th of May, and I've never met another furry in real life, I just wanna know what way's a furry act's how they dress, etc. Anything that will point out that their a fellow furry.
  2. Xenke

    Xenke Active Member

    Why does it matter?
  3. ~secret~

    ~secret~ Banned

    Ask random people if they want to yiff. Gauge reactions. Repeat.
  4. alex_sherwen37

    alex_sherwen37 New Member

    Why doesn't it, I just want to see if there are other furries at my school besides me...
  5. Catilda Lily

    Catilda Lily May all your bacon burn.

    You can't. If they want people to know then you will know.
  6. Xenke

    Xenke Active Member

    But to what end? Who cares I other people are furries, it doesn't matter. Just because someone is furry doesn't make them more likable, or a better person. It's equivalent to a guy wondering whether or not there are other people at school who're circumcised. There's no point or reason to it.

    Friendship is thicker than fur.
  7. Rilvor

    Rilvor Formal when angry

    Find people you suspect might be a Furry, sneak onto their PC or Laptop, and type ".jpg", ".jpeg", or ".gif" into a Search.
  8. alex_sherwen37

    alex_sherwen37 New Member

    Xenkke, I'm not particularly liked at my school, it would give me common ground with someone if i found out that they were a furry as well.
  9. LizardKing

    LizardKing Guest

    And then you find out they're [insert uncomfortable furry stereotype here]
  10. Kaspar Avaan

    Kaspar Avaan Puke Dog

    There's no way of really telling if somebody's a Furry from the way they dress, unless they're obviously really into the fandom and parade around in ears, tails, paws or collars.

    Just ask. 'Excuse me, this might sound weird and I'm sorry for bothering you, but are you perhaps familiar with the Furry fandom in any way?'
  11. Aetius

    Aetius Бог је Србин

    Find out if they fap to furry porn :V
  12. ZerX

    ZerX not a furry

    Start commenting about furries like this: have you heard about those damn furries, they are a bunch of mentally ill and fucked up people, the only thing they care about in life is having sex in a fursuit, fucking bunch of perverts, yiff in hell furfags, the best furry is a dead furry,.........
    If they get offended by comments like that they probably are furry.
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  13. alex_sherwen37

    alex_sherwen37 New Member

    Cheers, guys.
  14. Tybis

    Tybis Me beautiful barnet!

    If you can tell someone's a furry just from their daily appearance, chances are you'd want to stay away from them. :v

    Eh, joking(?) aside, I'd do something like wear some good-looking shirt with an anthro on it, and see if I get a reaction. if i had enough money to buy such things

    I guess that's one way.
    It'd work, but would sort of defeat the OP's purpose.
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  15. Kaamos

    Kaamos Witch Princess

    Get a a furry-o-meter, it's like that thing from Ghost Busters, but instead of detecting ghosts it determines levels of furfaggotry.
  16. alex_sherwen37

    alex_sherwen37 New Member

    If I had enough money for one of them myself :L there's no place where I am that sells them.
  17. ZerX

    ZerX not a furry

    looks like someone has never heard about a site called: EBAY dot COM
  18. alex_sherwen37

    alex_sherwen37 New Member

    I don't particularly trust ebay
  19. Tybis

    Tybis Me beautiful barnet!

    There's always buying stuff over the internet.

    edit: Oh, somebody already said something like that.
  20. Ariosto

    Ariosto New Member

    My question is, why search for common ground in furry specifically? It's not niche or reason to outcast someone, but why not search for things like a certain music genre, tastes in food, talents, art, movies, etc, which are more likely to be discussed in public?
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  21. Batty Krueger

    Batty Krueger DJ Nailbunny

    Psh, it's called a furometer. Duh.
  22. Metalmeerkat

    Metalmeerkat As slick as a bad analogy

    Apply the furry test: Bind them up in rope, tie heavy stones to them, then throw them into a lake. If they start floating after five minutes, then they're a furry. Otherwise if they stay on the riverbed, then they're not.

    Barring that, wear shirts with animal art on them. Probably the simplest way of sending out a furry beacon without alerting good normal people about how crazy you are.
  23. Xenke

    Xenke Active Member

    Common ground over something you've only been aware of for 3 days? I mean, just setting aside the fact that you think that just because two people are furries means that they'll be friends in real life, do you realize how dumb that is?

    Perhaps instead of looking to a dumb fandom to try and makes friends, perhaps you should try to find people who have good character, and that you can relate to on more levels than "we're both furries". Hell, the common tread amongst most of my IRL friends just happens to be Filmography, which I honestly don't care to much about aside from the fact I'm a photo guy, and we get along great because hobbies don't define why we like eachother.

    So again, it doesn't matter.
  24. PapayaShark

    PapayaShark Member

    Scream free yiff. If they turn their heads, they are furries.
  25. Seian Verian

    Seian Verian Too lazy to sleep

    Common interests are good for getting conversations to start, or to maintain them. Conversation can lead to friendship if you discover you have similar ways of thinking or just connect with each other. However, just going around and trying to find out peoples' hobbies and interests simply for the sake of that is... Not something likely to turn out well. You need some sort of natural setting for it to come up and then lead to a connection. Even if you just wore a furry-themed T-shirt, it wouldn't be a good reason for others with interest in it to initiate conversation with you, or you with them.

    It's sort of an annoying trap, perhaps. You can't start conversations without the shared interest, and you can just go shoving it in peoples' faces either. Try and see if there are extracurricular activities at school involving things you're interested in (If such a thing is applicable, which I'm guessing it is) to try and find such interests. If "furry" is the only thing you're interested in despite it being so new to you... That's a little worrying. You need to broaden your experiences and find other things. Maybe look into different genres of movies, music, video games and the like? That might be some sort of start.

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