How did you become a furry?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Alex K, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Scath-mac-tire

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    Found it through the internet, first heard of it as a type of porn around eight years ago. Found someone on a few months later Halo and asked them they thought it was just out of plain curiosity. He corrected me, turned out I already liked anthro's, even written about them already, and it's stuck ever since.
  2. SveltColt

    SveltColt A Normal Wolf

    I said this before.

    I heard bad things about this fandom and decided to check it out.

    Found nothing wrong with it.

    Showed my support by joining this fandom.

    and here I'm am.

    Great community btw.....
  3. Casey17

    Casey17 New Member

    Super into anime and video games, before I knew it, I stumbled upon some anthro art and fell in love! :)
    Recently, got into rping and only began to fall even in love with the fur fandom
  4. Rykhoteth


  5. quoting_mungo

    quoting_mungo Administrator Staff Member

    Moving this thread to Community Discussion, since it's so closely related to furry fandom. :)
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  6. FelisFloof

    FelisFloof Member

    I've always loved animals, both actual ones and animated ones. Not like, sexually, but generally speaking I relate a lot to them and their general subtlety in life. Unless they're Dragons or many species of bird. But I met a transfurry and even though I'm just about the least judgy in my family I HAD to do research and now I'm here. Three characters and counting. Lol.
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  7. I Became a furry over the years it all started with werewolves and then led up to anthropomorphic and then i got a gf that introduced me to the fandom and I thought it was cool but after all the bad things said behind my back at my school I quit...So the furry in me laid dormant for up to 3 years straight and i finally couldn't take it anymore and so now im here
  8. Leoni Zheitk

    Leoni Zheitk Guest

    Well, I was screwing around on the internet and I found IHE (I hate everything, he's a youtuber) and when I watched his video on I Hate Furries, I noticed he didn't say anything too bad about them, I started watching more videos (Lockstin Gnoggin, Maijura Strawberry, etc.) on the same topic and became quite interested in the fandom, and here I am!
  9. Belatucadros

    Belatucadros Sláinte chugat!

    I honestly have no idea how I discovered the fandom. I literally have no memory of how I found it. But here I am...
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  10. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    I was wondering why furries caught so much hate around the internet and other media, so I decided a good kickoff for YouTube would be to learn (in real time) what a furry really is... little did I know, the idea would be scrapped because along the way I would realize I was a furry. Come to think of it, each stage of my research started to resonate more and more with me, and when I made my fursona it just seemed that much more real. Oh well, no point denying I am one... only planning a strategic course of handling the inevitable moment when my furriness becomes more apparent to my YT audience! xD
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  11. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    I'm probably going to end up being a furry. Give it a few months...... or a week.
  12. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    I'm here because I saw an IHE video about around 3 years ago. I never heard of furries until that video.
  13. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    Ah, yes, IHE. The only person ever to make a negative video about furries that was known to be satire from the start
  14. MadKiyo

    MadKiyo Villainous Fly

    What was interesting though is he was geniunely perplexed by it and basically ended on the note that he didn't understand, instead of many people who just immediately go straight to "filthy animal diddlers" as if they do understand.
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  15. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    The mark of a true journalist or Content Creator, that right there
  16. Square-Wave_Kittycat

    Square-Wave_Kittycat The Mewsician

    How many subscribers do you have anyway, Crimson?
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  17. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    same here but different videos and it was because a friend told me he was a furry. I guess you could say you were "like a moth to a flame". (Is..... is that a moth i..i can't really tell please tell hes a moth and i didn't offend him?)
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  18. Crimson_Steel17

    Crimson_Steel17 The night is my solace; the day is my prime

    Currently (as of earlier today): 5. Not enough for my channel to survive association with a group that is so misunderstood without some sort of action plan as to how to handle it. My problem is that most of my demographic (based on the comments some of them leave) is normies... so I have to ease them into it xD
  19. -Praydeth-

    -Praydeth- The Trickster coyote.

    Hes probably doesn't want to say and he probably doesn't want to give out his youtube quite yet.
  20. Square-Wave_Kittycat

    Square-Wave_Kittycat The Mewsician

    Ah well that's still better than the amount of subscribers I have.

    Seeing as I don't have a youtube channel.

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